GameZone: Prey The Stars Review

Review by Dylan Platt:

"Confession time: I have an enormous soft spot for games of the genre that might be best described as "wacky Japanese stuff." It's why I've got a well-loved copy of Mister Mosquito sitting on my shelf, right next to Chulip (the Harvest Moon-style game where the goal is to kiss everyone in sight) and Under the Skin (the game where an alien invader submits Earth's population to grade school-caliber pranks). My innate gamer instincts tell me that these might not be the highest quality gaming experiences out there, but something in me finds them charming and irresistibly appealing. So when I heard about Koei's new DS title, Prey the Stars, which stars a dog-like creature that eats everything in sight, I was immediately intrigued. Now that I've spent time with the game I can tell you that it's a delightful little dose of Japanese weirdness that doesn't quite have the gameplay chops to stand out."

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