RPGFan: Valhalla Knights 2 Review

Overall, Valhalla Knights 2 is a very good game. While RPGFan thinks there are better options available for PSP RPG fans, there are going to be people who absolutely love it. Even though it's not their style of game, they were very impressed by its incorporation of sidequests into the large narrative in addition to its consistently fresh customization options.". With more than forty hours of gameplay, a "versus" mode for you to battle friends, and a difficulty that is stout, Valhalla Knights 2 is one of the best buys you're likely to find on the PSP for quite some time.

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TheColbertinator3724d ago

Good review for this game.I might pick it up

gaffyh3723d ago

Awesome, been looking forward to this game, is it out already? I remember reading 1st october somewhere

deeznuts3723d ago

Damn 40 hours for a PSP game? I hope those include sidequests! That's a long game.