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TerminalGamer21d ago

Should give us an idea of all the changes and improvements

B1uBurneR20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

whatever Destiny.. see ya on the X.. work out all kinks and add my bells and whistle.. learn from this beta all you can and turn up the settings please. I'll let you slide with 30fps but you better turn up all the other settings. Bungie Don't treat my X like any ol console.

Aenea20d ago

If there was no difference between PS4 and X1 with Destiny 1 why do you think there will be now? Doesn't make any sense whatsoever...

B1uBurneR20d ago

Look, we know what you know you know what I know to know what we know we are talking about so you know what "X" I'm talking about, WE know what "X" I'm talking about.

TerminalGamer20d ago

But I didn't think the PSX was getting Destiny 2.

BiggerBoss20d ago

You need to stop burning that dank bro