Welcome to the Goo Podcast, Episode 12 "Favors":

From VGEvo:

Gamers Only Older Podcast episode 12:

We cover what they're goo-in', Top 5 Games we Never Want to Play Again, our feature on difficulty in games, listener e-mail, a plug on Extra Life and much more.

Show Notes
0:00:00 - "Beer is Good"
0:01:10 - Welcome to the Goo & Introductions
0:01:46 - News We Give a Damn About
0:02:35 - What we're goo-in'
0:25:00 - Top 5 Games We Never Want to Play Again
0:52:40 - Congratulations
0:54:01 - Stardock's PC Gamer's Bill of Rights
1:24:24 - Rebuttal
1:38:40 - Goodbye

In two weeks…
Top 5: TBD
Feature: Fanboyism

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