For every big E3 announcement, there’s an even bigger flop

The games industry and professional sports drafts have much in common. For every lauded pick that pays big dividends, there are 10 players who either drop the ball or never see the field of play. Likewise, some games arrive at the stage of big conventions such as last month’s E3 conference with all the bluster of a world-conquering armada, only to never actually leave the port of shore.

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Einhander1971525d ago

Sega Saturn amazing system, a 2D powerhouse.

CobraKai525d ago

I agree, I love that system so much that it's still hooked up to my old CRT set. Street Fighter Alpha 2 , Virtua Cop, Burning Rangers. All still getting play time... I just can't save cuz the battery is dead.

rainslacker524d ago

Don't forget Guardian Heroes and Magic Knight Rayearth.:)

Muadiib525d ago

I owned one, it's a shame it came at a time when 3D gaming was becoming all the rage (for good reason), even Sega's arcade teams understood this. What a missed opportunity of a console, needless to say it was the last Sega console I ever bought. I'll always be thankful for VF2, Sega Rally, Exhumed and the Panzer Dragoon series though.

GamesMaster1982524d ago

That Saturn was a great console. Still have mine