I Might Be Setting Myself Up for Disappointment, But Anthem Seems Really Promising

Anthem is the upcoming action RPG/Third Person Shooter game from Bioware, and it is aimed at the Destiny and Division crowd.

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fenome318d ago

What was shown looked great, hopefully they can pull it off. Really looking forward to seeing more on this.

Nitrowolf2318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

I have to see real gameplay before i decide. And by real gameplay i mean an unscripted demo.

The game looks promising and yes what was shown looked great, but the same was said about Destiny. I know different developers, but from whats been said this game seems to be taking a destiny route.

Now by the looks of things, this is def. By the A team at Bioware. I have my doubts though as it seems Bioware lost its magic a bit back.

Ive also learned a long time ago to never get excited and always set my expectations low on newly announced games

fenome318d ago

I couldn't agree more. Believe me, I'm not setting up false expectations or hype on this. I've set myself up in the past like that, so I'm just cautiously​ optimistic and hope it stays true to what was shown without EA chopping it up and selling it in pieces like Activision did with Destiny.

I'm really looking forward to seeing actual unscripted gameplay as well. Sure, what was shown was in engine, but that doesn't always translate to someone actually playing and it was heavily staged. It was exactly like Destiny's staged demo a few years back, and after EA talking about their "10 year plan" I cringed inside.

I just hope they're allowed to follow their vision without EA incorporating shady business tactics. Like I said, hopefully they can pull it off, because if they can come even close to what was shown they could really have something great on their hands.

Only time will tell, can't wait to see more though.

Goldby318d ago

the fact that they had this massive world infront of them, and they decide to turn away and head through a tunnel shows that not eveything is ready, or playable.

im guessing it will be small areas like destiny that are actual playable

fenome318d ago

It said it was pre alpha at the end of the E3 demo so if anything it was just a little vertical slice. I'm thinking this might not even be them playing it rather than the vision of what they're hoping to accomplish though if it's that early in development. I mean that looked way to polished to be Pre Alpha.

I highly doubt it will be entirely an open world though, it just seems like there is too much to it for them to accomplish that. Hopefully they prove me wrong, but we'll see. Either way, it was a cool reveal though.

joab777316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

The guy who wrote Bioware's best games has returned to Bioware to pen this game too. What do DA2, DA:I and ME:3 and A have in common? He was not there to write the story! He was there for Baulder's Gate, KotOR, SWtOR, ME 1 & 2 and DA.

This is the most important thing to me and why I am allowing myself to be hyped. Yeah, maybe it won't look as good, or struggle with endgame content , but that's OK B/c...If we get a truly engrossing story, at least it will be worth $60, and possibly much, much more!

Lon3wolf316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

It does sound/look promising, will be keeping a close eye on this to see how it turns out.

shockwave4life316d ago

Yeah destiny seemed really promising too.......the first yr that game was out was super dissapppinting with a ton of glaring frustrating problems which they fixed later on but damn that first yr was underwhelming to say the least. Loot caves & the cryptarch are just 2 of many examples