Leaked: Dragonball Movie Teaser Trailer

The first video of the Dragonball movie has finally been leaked. Here is the teaser trailer but with no sound. Check it out.

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theusedfake3666d ago


and the guy/girl with the camera needs
to switch to decaf.

sumfood4u3665d ago

I think that Dragonball he's holding will snap his arms! He needs to snack into a slim jim!

RememberThe3573665d ago

These dudes need to be ripped. How am I supposed to believe that these guys are supper strong when they look like that?

rhood0223665d ago

You both realize that this is supposed to be Dragon Ball, i.e. Goku is a child, and not Dragon Ball Z, i.e. Goku is an overly muscular adult, right?

Regardless, I'm still hoping this is nothing more than an elaborate joke.

TheXgamerLive3665d ago

It Sucked.
Lame looking actors trying to make it look totally different than how it should. You don't change perfection, you keep it the same and try to do it justice, but this crap:(

Final_Rpg3665d ago

Rhood, he doesn't look like a kid to me-.-.

MazzingerZ3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

Son Goku was 15 when he fought Piccolo Dai Maku so the guy in the movie it's ok we can say, the thing is that Goku was really short at that age, even Bulma thought he was like 5 when they met so she let him sleep with her in the same bed, went around in just underwear until she found out he was 12 LOL.

Maybe a CGI goku would've been cooler

beoulve3665d ago

GOKU officially look like crap now

El_Colombiano3665d ago

Well, the dragonball looks cool...maybe, just maybe, that will merit a download off a warez site...

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CloudsEnd3666d ago

That whole Story of the movie is sh!t.
If it would be the story of the series, that movie must atleast be 6h long. :/
But it wont, everybody knows that.
So it will be a faked cutted story. And i swear by god if they are going to make a Sequel i gonna nuke Hollywood.

Liquid Dust3666d ago

My middle school memories are being ruined. Some things just shouldn't be brought to the big screen whether it be a book, videogame, or anime. Something that the producer/director of this movie and Uwe Boll don't understand.

TheSadTruth3665d ago

believe it or not.. this could be done right in live action.. you have to be a visionary like Peter Jackson to pull it off though

obviously this is going to be cheezy and complete sh1t, just looking at the main character

dachiefsman3665d ago

I agree with you Sad Truth. I am a DBZ fan and this looks like garbage, but in the right hands could have been epic.

Yi-Long3666d ago

... than a drunk Paris Hilton on a saturday night.

Gawd... so bad... so very very bad.

I cant believe people have actually invested money in this project. It's like Masters of the Universe (Dolf Lundgren) all over again...

fopums3665d ago


or at least it was when I was 12.......cant remember.....

but Dragon ball is going to bomb, no doubt

hay3666d ago

This movie will suck. It sucks already, with all respect do Dragon Ball. Goku looks like a total... Ah, not worth it.