GameStop employees nabbed in undercover sting

Lawrence Buser of CommercialAppeal writes:

"GameStop, which bills itself as the "retail destination for gamers around the world," became a fencing destination for undercover officers in the Memphis area earlier this year.

Authorities said today that eight current and former employees of the world's largest video game retailer have pleaded guilty to theft of property charges for buying video games purported to be stolen."

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Skyyo3723d ago


Yet G$ can still rip off people, lie, cheat, and monopolize the market.

Good to see cops raiding pawn shops.

Crazywhitie3723d ago

What a waste of time and money, you know how much Stolen Crap Gamestop Sales Come on.... They don't really care thats why so many employee got busted... wow these guys got a Slap on the hand... what a joke.. if I were them I'm say that it was store Policy lol

JeepGamer3723d ago

So after years of Gamestop being an unchecked pawnshop with no regulation somebody is finally cracking down? The sad part is, Gamestop knew this was coming sooner or later and just decided to deal with it when the time came.

The sad part is that this still won't prevent them from trying to ram pre-orders and garbage subscriptions down your throat or treating their employees like garbage for not doing a good enough job screwing customers out of money.

Wii60Fan3723d ago

You know, now that you mention it gamestop DOES look more like a pawn shop than a reputable game dealership. I think I will either buy my games at Walmart or another online store.

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The story is too old to be commented.