The Ideas Of Alan Wake And Quantum Break First Began Life As In-Game TV Shows Within Remedy's IP

From GameWatcher: "Sam Lake is a name most of us have heard of. Once the only writer over at Remedy Entertainment, he's responsible for the group's continued success with narrative-driven games like Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break. He's also the master of having his games recognise his own name."

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Jurat527d ago

Loved Alan Wake.

Struggled with Quantum Break; great story telling, but the gameplay suffered. I just couldn't see it through. Might revisit at some point this year.

GamesMaster1982527d ago (Edited 527d ago )

Argree loved Alan Wake back on 360. Bought a X1 last year just for Quantim Break and was really disapointed looked good but played like crap. Also i just could not get away with all that mix game with tv show crap so skipped all that crap.

Jurat527d ago

Yep; the live action episodes were what put me off, too. play a level then watch a half-hour drama. No thanks.