Remedy’s Sam Lake on 21 years of game storytelling and transmedia

Sam Lake has been writing stories for Remedy Entertainment's games for 21 years. He started with the graphic novel tale of Max Payne, and went on to write Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, and Alan Wake. He became creative director on Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, and he did the same on Microsoft’s exclusive video game, Quantum Break.

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rivaldoo777474d ago

Quantum break was quite good.

Kallisti474d ago

Sam Lake? Pretty sure that's Max Payne ;)

Tapani474d ago

I'm pretty sure he is Sami Järvi, the guy who wants to be so American and has never even lived there. Oh please, keep your own name and respect it. I find it extremely childish to use a translation freely of his own name. Feels like a fame oriented guy, who doesn't focus on substance enough.

UglyGeezer474d ago

Trans media, why can't they use normal media like everyone else?

Just because you change sex, doesn't mean you need your own media! What's wrong with this world?