10 Best (And 5 Worst) Square Enix Games Of All Time, Ranked

Square Enix has pumped out countless games, but which ones are the absolute best (and worst) of the bunch?

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indysurfn105d ago

Wow it was a good list until I saw they put FFVII as only the 6th best. huh WHAAT? Other than that I like this list. But FFVII below number 2 is kinda asking for it around here.

PiNkFaIrYbOi105d ago

This list is rather a fail, since other than The World Ends With You which was a new IP. The rest of the games were IPs owned by just the Square side.

Swiftfox105d ago

"This is why the industry only has a handful of developers, like NetherRealm and Capcom, that continually churn out excellent fighting titles" Capcom really hasn't churned out an excellent fighter since 1999 with 3rd Strike. And you chose those two instead of Arc System Works?

"Square Enix should never make fighting games..." Oh dear...nobody tell him about Dissidia Final Fantasy. Perhaps the author should heed his own advice and stay away from fighters. I'm not sure he knows enough about the genre to have a discussion.

Also what an odd format for a top X. Instead of creating two separate lists of top best and top worst, they're sort of slammed together. You have 15 on the list with only a paragraph to describe each--that's not enough to effectively communicate to the reader the praises and shortcomings other than "People think this game is good. This is how the game works. Little bit of trivia." I know it's easy to make a top ten and they draw a lot of attention thanks to the power of opinion but a little more meat would be nice. Maybe condense to a top 5 and really dive into the game, the production, failings, successes etc.

FallenAngel1984105d ago

Of course there are no Dragon Quest games on this list or even Tomb Raider '13

Master of Unlocking105d ago

At long last a list that gives Final Fantasy VI its rightful place!
But parasite Eve II doesn't deserve to be there, the game had lost itself with subpar locales and utterly silly enemies compared to the first iteration.
Also looking back, Final Fantasy VIII probably deserves a spot somewhere in there, and IX also of course. And XII. Final Fantasy X is fittingly absent, but X-2 deserves a top spot in the "worst" category.

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