See Katamari Creator's New Game at TGS

Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi has been working on a new PlayStation 3 exclusive called Nobi Nobi Boy for a while now, and we'll finally get to see the game as part of Bandai Namco's lineup at next week's Tokyo Game Show.

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lodossrage3700d ago

Granted they showed just a tech demo at the time. But the concept is great. Instead of grabbing everything in a Katamari (ball) to make a star, Now you have to stretch.

Something new! :)

I anxiously await TGS

juuken3700d ago

Ooooh, that game!

I've heard of it but thought they stopped development or something.
There's another game that I saw a trailer of and it reminded me of Onimusha.

It's a PS3 exclusive too.

Don't ask, I forgot the name. x(

Sevir043700d ago

I had for gotten about this weird and quirky game. looks like this TGS is going to be very big and prominent for Sony.

we already know 2 announcements of the unannounced games for Sony.

1 from Irem which is slaving away at steam boat chronicles 2 and that new announced game for PSN that they are remaking.

AND the other being demon souls which is the RPG funded by SCEE and developed by From Software. thats 2 down.

I'm hoping for a Gradius 6, Suikoden 6 or ZOE 3 announcement from Konami, I'm more inclined to think that it's Gradius 6/Suikoden 6 since Kojima is Working is doing Concepts for MGS5 and his new game that he wants to develop.

and then there are the internally developed Sony titles from SCEJ that will be a mix of PSN/Bluray releases... I Cant wait

TGS08 is next week i here