3 Nintendo DS games that deserve a remake

Here are some classic Nintendo DS games that deserve the remake treatment.

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yeahright2323d ago

Would be nice if they were remade on switch. I'm pretty close to deciding to buy one and seeing as I'm not much of a handheld guy, I've probably missed out on quite a few gems on 3ds.

instantstupor323d ago

Speaking strictly on Nintendo handhelds - assuming you've skipped both the DS & 3DS and tend to like Nintendo properties - then yea, there are plenty of solid games to check out. Layton, Mario, Zelda, Persona, Kirby, Bravely Default and more. Given most of those won't end up getting ported/remastered, I'd suggest at least picking up a New 2DS so you can play both 3DS & original DS games on the cheap.

Definitely some fun to be had, even if just used as a supplementary system you play at home. Vita & PSP also have awesome games to check out. Lots of great experiences are available on handhelds, and it is a shame some people miss out on them because of the platform.

yeahright2322d ago

Yeah, their mascot titles usually don't do much for me, but Nintendo has a ton of other games that I love but never quite get the exposure of a Mario or donkey kong.

323d ago