Destiny 2: A Tour of the New Social Space The Farm - IGN First

Bungie's Ryan Ebenger takes us on a tour of the new social space in Destiny 2 called The Farm.

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leemo19196d ago

Looks good, seems to have more interactions compared to the tower in D1. Goodbye Rahool.

CloudStrife900196d ago

I've said this from day 1 of Destiny. The social space needs a bulletin board that guardians can leave messages on, inviting / broadcasting what they're looking for.

Thunder_G0d_Bane195d ago

Thats what guided games are for and atleast you won't need to be at the farm to see it.

CloudStrife900195d ago

True, but the feature would still be handy.

Daeloki196d ago

Calling it now, that guy at 00:10 is going to be there, welding the roof for forever (or as long as D2 runs its course). Just like the cleaner bots in D1

Goldby196d ago

oh yeah that guy isn't moving anytime soon....

like if this game is going to be actibve for 2 plus years, i wonder if anything will actually change in the farm over the years. showing actual progress on rebuilding a small thing called humanity

CloudStrife900196d ago

It was announced that the farm will adapt and change, as you progress through the game :)

Goldby195d ago

Have to ask them if the adapting and changing is based off of the story or the holidays like they do in destiny 1

CloudStrife900195d ago

It's based on story progression according to the devs.

Daeloki195d ago

I really hope that actuall progress will be the case, but it seems to be popular to announce one thing, and then the reality isn't quite as polished, such as adapt and change = holliday decorations... (and I mean that in general, not just Destiny)

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spicelicka195d ago

Disappointed in the graphics, but looks fun.

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