Waypoints: Saying No to MMOs

Adam LaMosca from The Escapist writes:

"Allen and I have been gaming together as long as we've been friends, which amounts to about a half-decade now. We've logged dozens of hours in tactical shooters and co-op action games. We've followed each others' progress through epic single-player RPGs like Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. We've lost entire evenings to Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

But Allen won't play MMO games. Not for anything. Never has, and maybe never will.

"I have enough bad habits," he explained when I tried to get him on board with WoW , and later, Age of Conan. "I don't need to get hooked on that kind of crack." This from the guy whose nightly Forza Motorport 2 compulsion brought his personal life to a grinding halt for nearly two months straight. The same guy who finished Bioshock in a 3-day weekend, and who played Final Fantasy XII to completion - twice."

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