Japanese console market grows for the first time in three years

The Japanese console market has seen an increase in sales revenue for the first time in three years, and that's down the to Switch.�

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Godmars29049d ago

Because its portable and doesn't aim for ultra realism in all forms?

Neonridr49d ago

no, because it provides games that the Japanese actually want to play.

Godmars29049d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Thought I said that. That it also fits - somewhat - with a mobile lifestyle.

Neonridr49d ago

I guess.. although the Switch is changing the way we look at mobile gaming. I mean we never had games with quality like MK8 or BoTW on the go before.

Eonjay49d ago

It is literally because of the PS4 and Switch.

Concertoine49d ago (Edited 49d ago )


Not really... the PS4 started off strong in Japan but at this point the PS3 is outpacing it in the same timeframe. And the PS3 was said to have a slow start in the region at the time.

The console market in Japan was dying until the Switch came out, that design its the only way that consoles were going to grow in that region.

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jugo1449d ago

shame then as it appears they want to play games for children.

fleecejohnson7549d ago

Wtf does ultra realism have to do with...well anything? Outside of a racing game here & there, there is not one game that we have seen that looks "real" as people wanna call it. And we all remember how people always chime in & think that racing games aren't all that impressive. Especially every time say Forza was brought up. So what the hell is ultra realism? We can't even get a game that looks as good as the first Jurassic Park & people always talking about realism. This kills me about "gamers" nowadays man.

None of this schitt looks real. They all look like cartoons, animated, coding or what have you. Some just look like more detailed cartoons than others. Am I going to say Attack on Titan looks "real" because it has a bit more detail then AdventureTime? Hell no I wouldn't. As I can see that they are clearly both cartoons, one just has a different art style & perhaps try to mimic a more conventional look more. I'll never glance at it & think it's anything more than just a cartoon though.

And then gamers wonder why they are stuck with 30 fps, glitchy/buggy/samey looking games/wonky to terrible AI and everything else. LMAO, just make it look "real". So real in fact that as soon as the next gen comes out people always declare the old gen garbage by comparison, but that's real LOL. Or maybe it will be 4D, Omega real? I mean how much more real can we get if we are declaring games that can't even match a movie that came out in like 1993 "real" looking for the last couple of generations.

I don't know what kind of trippy, LSD drug-induced world some of you are living in, as there is NOTHING that I've seen on ANY console that looks real. They look great as far as where we've come from and the medium going forward, but nothing looks real.

fleecejohnson7549d ago

That's a lot more reasonable to answer than the ultra realism comments around here. I swear I can't wait till we actually just get back to playing games to be playing them instead of parenting with digitalfoundry or someone else says and use a magnifying glasses to tell subtle differences. If it was all about this so-called Ultra realism why are the bulk of users on n4g always jumping and down for the ps4, lagainst getting the Xbox One X (which will have the best versions of most console games) & not getting games on a beefy PC?

Gameseeker_Frampt49d ago

@ Concertoine

Like your graph shows, it isn't the PS4 sales that were pulling down the Japanese console market these last few years since it is selling roughly as well as the PS3 in Japan. No, the biggest factor outside of mobile gaming was the lackluster sales of the Wii U. The Wii U sales were barely 1/4 of the Wii sales and that kind of sales drop had a big impact on the market. Now Nintendo has corrected their mistake we once again have 2 consoles that are selling well in Japan and with the lineup of upcoming games I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Concertoine49d ago (Edited 49d ago )


You're correct. But the gripe with his comment i had was that he lumped the PS4 in with the Switch when only one of them is outpacing its predecessor and thus, growing the console market.

Kun_ADR49d ago

It also provide game that *I want to play. BOTW, Mario Kart, Arms, and next on the list for me is Splatoon 2. Can't wait.

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Movefasta199349d ago

When monster hunter releases on that thing in Japan the sales are going to skyrocket .

ILostMyMind49d ago

"that's down the to Switch'? So it has increased only in the last two months?

FallenAngel198449d ago

Only because one console could also be used portably

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