World Gaming lets you turn frags into cash

It's every gamers' dream: win money by playing video games. Despite gaming's newfound mainstream acceptance, most people--especially those in the United States--do not recognize gaming as a legitimate competitive activity. In a country where card games like Texas Hold 'em have recently exploded, turning 21-year-olds into online superstars, it's no stretch to assume that more gaming mediums deserve a similar place in public attention.

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Nineball21123698d ago

Now this is truly all about "putting your money where your mouth is"!

This could really turn into something big, I think.

LinuxGuru3698d ago


Interesting indeed.

BSigel813698d ago

The good thing about it, is that it's absolutely legal:) I agree with both 1& 2, this will only expand the horizon for developers to create new games. For instance, if their game is not being played that much, they would put it on and then their server ratings should shoot up.

outlawlife3698d ago

this site/concept is basically a direct rip off of guitar war but with video games

i gave the site a look over and i personally have my reservations about it