LittleBigPlanet beta wows

Globe & Mail reporter is in awe of Sony's upcoming game after spending just three hours with the beta. From the story:

"Not only is LittleBigPlanet incredibly fun, it's also ultra-accessible and truly all-ages. Kids will play it with grandparents 50 years their senior, and a good time will be had by all. It's going to sell like mad. What's more, it's just the sort of title that has the power to move systems, which is something Sony has been short on ever since the PlayStation 3 launched. It will be interesting to see the impact LittleBigPlanet has on consumers' hardware buying decisions come its October 21st release."

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MrNegativity3700d ago

didnt wow me. wanna know why? CUZ IM NOT IN IT!!!

solidt123700d ago

I got in the beta last night via the gamepro contest at my surprise and I cannot believe how fun this game is. It is the funnest game I have ever played. Its just a beta but feels so complete already. When you play it you will immediatly see why they love it. PS it is more fun when you play with someone else locally or online which they make gettin in and out of game easy and fast.

mastemikegee3700d ago

well your name says it all... lol

hope the open beta rumor is true and soon enough the game will be out anyway!

'as long as i have the money for it i will play it for sure.'

that's all you need to think...

juuken3700d ago

I smell system seller.
Too bad I didn't play the beta. x(

Beast_Master3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I couldn't get in the beta either but I am kinda glad because I will be able to enjoy the game in all its glory on the 21st. That and I am already in the SOCOM beta and have just registered for the R2 beta + I am getting Fracture next week I will have plenty to do before this game hits.

Area_513700d ago

and this is the best game I played so far ...Nuff Said

Dragunov3700d ago

I have high hopes in this game... IMO it can be the game of this generation...

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