Gamepro giving LBP keys now

Gamepro's second LBP Beta keys giveaway this week.

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TheHater3609d ago

wow, the site is down again.

Tarasque3609d ago

It started around 1:30 pm est time, it was a first come first serve basis. I would say if you didn't get within the first 10 mins you won't get a key. But it doesn't hurt to try. I had 3 computers refreshing the page from the start and it took me 7 mins to get the register box to come up. Fingers crossed........

DavidMacDougall3609d ago

It says there already done ,if so there no point putting this up and giving people false hope

Bigbangbing3609d ago

i'm already logged in , and its keep telling me : LittleBigPlanet beta code sweeps has ended. Please check back in couple days for round 2!

xhairs93609d ago

I just submitted mine, i guess it's working?

solidreid3609d ago

It keeps saying that day 2 has not started yet!

rookeagle3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

FINALLY please god oh please I want it!!!!!11111111

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The story is too old to be commented.