Activision wants to improve for Destiny 2 DLC

PC Aficionado: "Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg wasn’t entirely happy with the first Destiny. According to him, the DLC was disappointing for players. In a recent interview with GamesIndustry, he said that Activision is going to attack DLC creation differently this time around."

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Death291d ago

When DLC is the focus behind a game release, something is probably wrong. Maybe more thought should be on releasing a completed game instead of trying to figure out the best way to release it slowly and charge more.

gamesavior291d ago

I think they're outsourcing.

I agree though.

freshslicepizza291d ago

This is because Activision had a 10 year plan from the start and a 500 million dollar budget. So when you have a project that large they of course are looking at ways to get as much revenue as possible.

rdgneoz3290d ago

Loved the idea of the 10 year plan. MMOs' have had that long (and longer) life span and its fun being able to continue on with a character that you've invested so much time in. Sadly, Activision's idea is 0 carry over between games so far and a constant barrage of DLC. No game out yet, and they're already discussing DLC and not focusing on improving the main game.

quent290d ago

Already talking about DLC are we ?

Ben12290d ago

Hey bungie how about supporting the xbox one x for what it is first. Never mind your dlc

FloydianAndroid290d ago

The game will sell very well, but if you didn't like the first one I doubt the second will be any better. Destiny was polished and smooth but it was so so repetitive.