Zero Punctuation reviews Mercenaries 2

This week Zero Punctuation blows stuff up for money.

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Road Dog3702d ago

This game is fun IMO particularly in co-op with friends. In reference to glitches the patch released on release day seems to have taken care of most, I haven't had my game crash ever. Worst I saw was a crate on an oil rig I blew to hell still floating in the air.

The best airstrikes are laser designated or satellite guided both of which you can do from a half mile or more away.

Overall worth the rental, and far from horrible. It's fun. It is like what Cobra is compared to the Departed. Where Mercs2 is Cobra or Commando and GTAIV is the Departed. Balls out action or narrative your choice.

JustinSaneV23700d ago

"Have fun blowing up buildings, kids, but remember that it only counts as terrorism if the occupants are white."