Gametrailers: SOCOM: Confrontation Exclusive: Mission: Contorl Point Trailer

In this urban wasteland its critical to that you capture the control points before the mercenaries have a chance to establish a foothold.

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fllysurfer3725d ago

Nice footage but what map is it?

BSigel813725d ago

It's called Urban Wasteland

Raoh3725d ago

there is just not enough time..

sony and slant 6 really screwed me moving the socom release date from september to october. :(

socom oct. 14th

LBP oct. 21st

Motorstorm oct. 28th

Resistance 2 nov. 4th..

(not including betas and third party releases)

aside from the complaining little girls on the socom beta this game is awesome and cant wait for the release

BSigel813725d ago

Yeah there are some complaining people on the beta, but you and me both know that, you can fit all of those games within your schedule:) I know I will^U^