Top 10 Comedy Gaming Moments

Gaming Corner runs down the Top 10 Comedy Gaming moments in this weeks Top 10 feature.

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ape0073701d ago

conker bad fur day ftw

Peter Griffin3701d ago

Where's Crackdown when u watch ur co-op friend knock the last kingpin of Shai Gen off that building and watch him drop to his death?

or Hulk:UD when u can kick cows to Hawaii

FreestyleBarnacle3701d ago

What about the bit in Ratchet & Clank 3 where Dr. Nefarious is telling about his plans for the galaxy for the first time and in the corner you see Lawrence doing the sign language translation?
Forget that what about "That's the second biggest monkey head I've ever seen" in Secret of Monkey island? There are more there but we don't want a top ten made completely out of the Secret of Monkey Island.....
Or do we?

T-Baggins3701d ago

Very sad list, I have seen some very funny stuff in games before the only good thing on the list was the great mighty poo.