Call Of Duty: WWII Weapon Variants Are Just Cosmetic, 60Hz Server Tick Rate Confirmed

Michael Condrey, Sledgehammer’s Studio Head, confirms Weapons Variants are just cosmetic, 60GHz server tick rate is assured.

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Relientk77410d ago

Good weapon variants should only be cosmetic


Completely agree. Man I hope they do this game right, been dying for a WWII CoD for quite some time.

DaDrunkenJester409d ago

This CoD is shaping up to be my jumping back in point... still going to wait for reviews and player impressions first.

Nesflix409d ago

So ... we all forgot that:
*Black female Nazis are playable in multiplayer
*No swastika insignia in multiplayer maps or character outfits

I'm probably one of the few people that consider multiplayer to be immersive regardless of the setting. This could've been the perfect comeback for Sledgehammer, Activision and Call of Duty and yet somehow they've managed to draw negative attention all for the sake of being inclusive.

Also, if anyone thinks we aren't going to get a bacon outfit for our "not-nazi" German troops in future cosmetic DLC, you're out of your mind. Just keeping it real.

BadElf409d ago

I definitely haven't forgot that PC garbage. I agree, MP is(should be) very immersive. That's what I would play the most as having "everyone feeling included" is very annoying. You're right, they really had a chance to MAKE COD GREAT AGAIN!

But we got Obama-like Liberals making it. Disappointing. ATLEAST have a MP option to keep the females out of it!

409d ago
BadElf409d ago

@WeebLord and ofcourse, the *copy and pasted* comment. Well done.
You're's Call of Duty. A WW2 Call of Duty. If they are going for history, then actually GO FOR HISTORY. Don't stoop so low to the PC cry babies, to fit their agenda.

Again..its Cod WW2....Not Golden Girls. Not CoD IW.

409d ago
DaDrunkenJester409d ago

2 things.

1. Who

2. Cares

Does it offend you if the German side wins a Multiplayer match? Does that break the immersion of MP? haha Good lord.

Nesflix409d ago (Edited 409d ago )

What are you on about? It doesn't offend me if either side wins a match. You know how many battles the Allies lost to the Nazis during WWII? So if the Germans won a game in Call of Duty then no I wouldn't be offended. Two things:
1. I
2. Care
I remember when Call of Duty wasn't made for children that find comedy in having a weed camo for your gun or bacon outfits. I remember when Call of Duty was a shooter than took itself serious. That's the point I'm trying to make. Black female Nazis isn't offensive, it's unrealistic. It's actually idiotic how unrealistic it is. Is this what gaming has become? Nothing is taken serious anymore and if you take a gamer serious do then you must an idiot? Come on, man. If you don't care then cheers to you but those of us who DO care and like a sense of immersion in our games would much prefer this ridiculous "inclusive" liberal ideal to stop killing everything it touches.

409d ago
NobleRed409d ago

Cosmetic only like in Lag Ops 3 and MWR. Don't believe the lies. Sooner or later It won't be cosmtic only.