Don't hold your breath for Lords of the Fallen 2

A big question mark hangs over the second game in the Souls-like action role-playing series Lords of the Fallen.

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530d ago
Bismarn528d ago

I assure you no one was in a danger of suffocating over Lords of the Fallen 2. The N4G related feature can't even find a handful of stories to attach to this one.

fenome528d ago

I honestly didn't even know they were working on a sequel.

X-23528d ago

I actually hope they aren't working on a sequel for this.

Nacho_Z528d ago

Baffling that they're stuck in the conceptual stage despite being, ironically, a soulless Souls knock off. Still a decent game but you would have thought the planning for the sequel would have involved watching a bit of footage from subsequent Souls games and putting together another basic storyline. Maybe they should make a 2D version, would be cheaper and easier I imagine.

Psychotica528d ago

Don't worry, I am not. I love the Dark Souls series but I just lost interest in this game.

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