Klonoa : door to phantomile announced for the Wii

Namco Bandai has announced in the latest Famitsu magazine that a Klonoa : door to phantomile remake will be released on the Wii on December 4 in Japan. The game will have Cell shaded graphics and NES style controls with the Wiimote. The game is 99% complete.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3666d ago

Klonoa? Its been years since that game came out on PS2

kesvalk3666d ago

a remake of one the most awesome game i played in my PS1, now on my Wii? can i cry now?

and a final fantasy to hit Wii too? today is my lucky day... and this is ironic...

PS360WII3666d ago

Very cool. Side Scrollers coming back in full force :)

gaznutta3666d ago

Ok it's very nice that an old favorite is returning, but do you not think us wii owners deserve more? It seems developers are simply porting over age old titles and in some cases exactly the same, if not worse than the ps1/ps2 titles.

Klonoa is a superb game of course but consider it completed at least six years ago! I am sure i speak for most people on this.

Whilst we are on the subject of 3d side scrollers, anyone remember pandemonium? it was kick ass even on ps1 now imagine a wii version!!!

kesvalk3666d ago

it's not a port

its a remake, it's just like metroid 1 and metroid zero mission...