Red Hood makes me hopeful for Injustice 2's long-term prospects

Destructoid: "I've been playing with Red Hood off and on for the past few weeks since his release and he's... odd. I still can't figure him out. I can't tell if he's an amazing character, or a dud. I can't even tell if he's supposed to be played like a zoner, a rushdown monster, or something in-between.

And that makes me pretty excited for the future of Injustice 2's DLC characters."

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Nodoze233d ago

DC and Marvel need to take notes from one another. Marvel - The movies are fantastic. The games SUCK. The animated series SUCK. Their TV shows SUCK. DC - The movies usually suck. Their Animation is great. Their games are FANTASTIC (Arkham series, Injustice etc). Their TV shows are fantastic (Flash, Green Arrow etc). If only we could cross the steams a bit....