Nintendo's alleged 'censorship' of games deemed too sexy or shocking for Western audiences revealed

A Japanese game developer has spoken out to provide a rare insight into Nintendo’s alleged “censorship” of games deemed too raunchy or shocking for Western audiences.

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XiNatsuDragnel527d ago

No no no Nintendo you off track here, and wrong

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory527d ago

oh look an article talking about censorship happened in 2014-mid 2016
on three games. People tried to boycott over meaningless things that had no effect on gameplay

Erik7357527d ago

I wouldn't boycott it but it's defiantly wrong to alter the developers product

Gh05t526d ago

If they were meaningless than they wouldn't have been changed to begin with.

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TheOttomatic91526d ago

Nothing new here westerners are very allergic to fan service but don't mind gore at all whilst Japan is the exact opposite.

rpvenom526d ago

wait.. so they censored for western audiences cause they think its too sexy? STOP CENSORING YOUR PORN THEN!

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