Sony Just Took Down A Photoshopped Version Of That Xbox One X 'Anthem' Video

In one of the most amusing video game stories of the summer, Sony has now pulled a YouTube video for BioWare's upcoming sci-fi shooter Anthem after it turned out to be Xbox One X footage, just now with awkwardly doctored PS4 buttons.

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XiNatsuDragnel530d ago

Wow it was okay Sony dang that super stinks.

JaguarEvolved530d ago

One of the silliest things I see people running their lips about. Sony didn't steal any footage or did anything nefarious with the video. I dont even think the video was playing on xbox either but a pc thats supposed to have xbox one x specs and we've heard that many times with games looking downgraded on release. Some people think there will be a massive difference in graphic on xbox one x games which will not be the case imo. I like the xbox a lot but people are making the xbox one x out to be some gtx 1080ti graphics equivalent powerhouse while the ps4 pro will look like a gtx 560ti looking machine when compared. The xbox one x will be able to perform better but it'll be minute . I remember a few games on ps4 that's supposed to look better than Xbox version but it wasn't that noticeable unless looking at them side by side. Anthem will look amazing on all the consoles

sonarus530d ago

Whether they stole it or not is irrelevant because it's a bad look for the company regardless. They did the right thing by taking it down

PigPen530d ago

Sony is notorious for stealing. Why am I not surprised. Sony knows Anthem for the Playstation 4 won't look as good as the Xbox One X version. I now know there's nothing Sony won't do. There's no shame in their game.

Shadyceaser530d ago

What they did was wrong no matter how Sony or anyone else spin it ,can't they bloody fact check .... Not good enough for a multi national company.

If a multi million dollar company hasn't got someone somewhere scrutinizing every thing they post , release for sale of anything they do ... There fools plain and simple.... Microsoft have done the same thing .. but when you try to sell me something with a lie .. I think a lot less of them for it.

travestyj530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

"Sony is notorious for stealing." Lol what is this about now? Do you actually think Sony has to "steal" footage. This game will sell much more on PS4 regardless if they put up a trailer on their youtube channel for it. Sony doesn't need to advertise this game for PS4, EA needs to advertise it to make sure the 30 million + more people with PS4's know it is on the platform.

Sony doesn't make trailers for third party publishers/developers and it is beyond stupid to suggest it but I wouldn't put that pasty Xbox shills. They aren't known for being the brightest bunch.

How about the footage from Sony's E3 footage of Monster Hunter being on the Xbox One channel:

Or the hundreds of other videos of multiplatform games that are on the channel that definitely weren't taken on Xbox such as Destiny, COD, Tekken and many others. They use the same footage for all 3 platforms, I guarantee they aren't using Xbox One footage because it always looks worse.

Sevir530d ago

Oh it was XB one X footage, DF confirmed it by the analysis.

It's actually funny Sony would use footage for the game of MS. They used the Same Footage for Assassins creed Origins as well. It's not a big deal. But both those games promotional footage are for XBO so they really shouldn't be using the exact same thing for them. In anycase they took it down so we can stop fussing.


It has been stated by more then 4 people including DF confirming Anthem was indeed running on a retail X1X not a dev kit version!!

jrshankill529d ago

Dude... just think. Seriously....

If this was Microsoft who stole footage from PS4 Pro to promote a Xbox One S game, you would be absolutely crying foul.

Ausbo529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

They confirmed it was running on an Xbox. If it was running on PC don't you think it would have been in "true 4k" and not checkerboarding?

Condemnedman529d ago

no it was xbox footage not that it matters anyway

donthate529d ago

The gap is going to be huge. Those high resolution textures, higher resolution and better frame rate is all going to show. Dolby Atmos support for sound too.

Xbox One X also supports UHD 4K blu-ray for the best movie quality too. So if you want the best a console can offer, there is only one beast. It's a monster!

vega275529d ago (Edited 529d ago )


No it doesn't matter how many people say it was being shown on a X1X. They will still claim its on pc. Anything to downplay how great it looked and to minimize the damage sony is getting for trying to pass it off as ps4 pro gameplay.

This wasn't a simply showing of a trailer of the game which both compamies do from time to time. This was down right lying about actual gameplay rather scripted or not. Which is very deceitful.

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Septic530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

What was okay ? Showing off the button prompts?

Anyway Greenberg is on it now 😂

AspiringProGenji530d ago

While this was an embarrasing thing to do for Sony, he isn't really one to talk. MS has done this too, even some people are bringing that up in that thread

Watch your words Greenberg...

tyasia0530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

And this is why people hate Microsoft. When they were caught multiple times doing the exact same thing or showing PC footage when telling people it was on console Sony never made any kind of statement about it.

It's why when Phil says things like "I hate console wars" people say he's full of shit. Microsoft constantly lies and misleads and does everything they can to abuse the system.

Microsoft has no class.

XiNatsuDragnel530d ago

Greenburg man youre one giant hypocrite man, just stop talking.

Aenea530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

Ouch, it's not okay this happened, Sony should have double checked the footage, but Greenberg shouldn't be commenting about this at all since they've done the exact same thing...


I 100% agree. Did Sony tweet about that WatchDogs thing? Don't think so.

ForeverTheGoat530d ago

Y'all sound mad 😂. It's okay

xX-oldboy-Xx530d ago

Septic links to Greenberg - tarred by association.
OT: Sony should have checked the footage with a little more care. These sort of things don't look good for any company involved.

travestyj530d ago

No wonder Xbox fanboys are so toxic when they have someone like that to follow. I thought Phil Spencer was against console wars. Guess Xbox execs are hypocrites just like their fanbase.

530d ago
GNCFLYER529d ago

Aaron where the eff you been all gen bro. Only come out when times are good? Fare weather friend shit is weak.

Go home Aaron your drunk.

Septic529d ago (Edited 529d ago )


"No wonder Xbox fanboys are so toxic when they have someone like that to follow."

😂😂 Lol please! Your beacon of amazingly mature Sony fans:


ziggurcat529d ago

Greenberg is the last person who should be making comments like that. He's put his own foot in his mouth on numerous occasions.

Darkfist_Flames529d ago

@Septic lol, poor xbox fanboy, its sad when this multiplate is your biggest news, even when you talk about sales, you hardly mention about xbone but love talking about the switch(in japan LOL)

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen529d ago

Will Septic finally take off his neutral gamer mask and admit to being a hardcore Xbox fan? Find out next week here on N4G!

Silly gameAr529d ago

lol. How petty. But it is Microsoft so not surprised.

rainslacker529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

Greenburg is a tool. Seriously, there are probably countless times when MS AND Sony has shown off PC footage of games on their Xbox channels, and never made it clear. They were probably in the same place Sony is now, where the publishers sent them videos to advertise to other customers, and just throwing up some button prompts doesn't mean that it wasn't running on a PC. You can run PS and Xbox button prompts on the PC through the engine.

Greenburg being on it means nothing. He is no authority, and the more he opens his mouth now, the quicker it's going to come back on him the next time MS does something similar.

ShinnokDrako529d ago

No surprise, Greenburg is the king of the idiots, so it's normal. If he worked for my company i would fire him at the speed of light. I wouldn't like that a clown represented me.

Kribwalker529d ago

Really you guys? Ms is classless for this? Sony has done the same thing in the past. What from the ps2 days where kutagari was trashing on the Xbox and GameCube to this gen and beyond with the used games/sharing with your friends video and beyond. Get a grip

LiamKreptic529d ago


TKCMuzzer529d ago

Thought you would of been higher up in the comments section than this, you must have been in the loo or something when the article appeared :)

ziggurcat529d ago

@krib it's not classless, but it's incredibly short-sighted considering that they found themselves in the exact situation with watch_dogs. He might as well cut his foot off, and shove it deep down his own throat.

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brokasfawk530d ago

Do better job at photoshopping

Bigpappy530d ago

This thing has gone viral and is one big black eye for Sony, deserving or not.

I personally don't see it as a big deal.

529d ago
Ristul529d ago

No one cares but fanboys (and Greenburg apparently), most people just saw the amazing trailer of the game Anthem that is coming to PS4.

PFFT529d ago

Yeah cause everyone forgives Sony's BS. If it would of been MS the main stream media would launch a crusade against them. And you wouldnt hear the end of it till about 2 -3 years from now.

rainslacker529d ago

It won't even last more than a couple days. It's too easy to show other examples of this happening among both console makers that it just makes it a non argument except in a couple articles and the forums on the occassions it comes to light. Next time will be the same, and the time after that. Who gets the attention will depend on which console maker happens to get "caught".

jrshankill529d ago

Lol.. fanboys. "Dont worry, it will blow over in a week"

BlackTar187529d ago

viral rofl like anyone actually gives a s*it

XanderZane528d ago

It's not really a big deal, but fanboys are going to make it a big deal by fighting and arguing over it. Bringing up past mistakes by Microsoft & Sony. Typical fanboy kiddie stuff.

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kickerz529d ago

Dodgy Sony up to their old tricks.

Inzo529d ago

Old ticks? please elaborate?

DigitalRaptor530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

Good. The article contains a good deal of nonsense though.

- Implies that it's actually been confirmed that Sony "doctored" footage rather than any chance EA supplied it to them.

- Talks about Sony having a "renewed disinterest in indie games", which has been completely debunked with there being more indie games released on PS4 every week by far than the competition, and just 6 months ago, Sony chose to hold an optional high-profile event at their own expense which showcased the works of over 80 indie developers, and housed plenty of great indie announcements. That event was known as the PlayStation Experience 2016 and will be held again this December.

- Brings up "mounting ire from gamers shouldn't be ignored" when at the very same time a lack of cross-play between Windows 10 and Steam games (even from Microsoft first-party) is being full on ignored and for obvious reason, by a certain contingent of the gaming community, in favor of trying to drag Sony through the dirt about cross-play these people didn't care about just a year ago.

Kiwi66530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

If it was sent to sony with the ps button prompts lazily put over top of xb prompts by ea and it was clearly the exact same footage used by ms at e3 then why didn't anyone at sony pick up on it and say something to ea about it before uploading it , as people can't be that blind surely, the thing is no one will know who did what until the truth comes out

Teflon02530d ago

You do realize when Sony Etc. are sent a trailer, they don't check and pixel count it. Some one will find it, but Sony doesn't investigate a trailer before posting. They do a simple check likely, just like ms and Nin. You check to see if any existing button prompts are of competition or yours. You make sure any info on the game only specifies Sony Consoles and handhelds and not competitors. Your not going to zoom it and make sure the pixel count for L2 is perfect and the right grey. They could easily be using a custom L2 R2 R1 L1 png or whatever. That's too much work for a trailers upload

Krysis530d ago

@Teflon why would you not review a video before blindly posting it, no matter who sent it to you. That's not very smart.

529d ago
rainslacker529d ago

Maybe they were just promoting the game itself, and not the game on PS specifically. Not really all that uncommon for recently revealed games.

Arnon529d ago

It's not about what's smart, it's about what level of trust you have in your partnering publishers. I'm sure Sony expected EA to hand them something better than this.

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SpaceRanger530d ago

"Sony didn't arrange to get its own Anthem footage but also couldn't show anything with Xbox branding on their official YouTube channel, either."

What do people expect? It was all scripted. MS has had to do the same before with big names 3rd party games like Destiny and Call of duty gameplay. I doubt it has anything to do with either company. It's nothing new to the industry.

NeoGamer232529d ago

The Destiny Fragrance made me wanna pre-order Destiny on XB!

If their little tactic gets them pre-orders that is good for gamers.

SpaceRanger529d ago

"The Destiny Fragrance made me wanna pre-order Destiny on XB!"

That's all it took? Let me guess, Milo made you want to buy the Kinect too right? lol 😂

AspiringProGenji530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

We already knew this was multiplatform, whoever at Sony did this. This was unnecessary

343_Guilty_Spark530d ago

Go on Facebook...they are already marketing it like it's a PS4 exclusive.

530d ago
rainslacker529d ago

I'm sure EA is pretty distraught about that. /s