From E3 2017: Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is as beautiful as its predecessor | Entertainium

"No doubt, the original Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch was one of the prettiest games out on the previous generation of consoles. Studio Ghibli’s artistic touch gave an otherwise traditional RPG a unique feel that made it stand out among the numerous J-RPGs that came out during that time. It feels like Bandai Namco is aiming to have its sequel, Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom follow the original formula closely, with just as much visual flair." - Eduardo Reboucas, Entertainium

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tulholdren445d ago

Another Day1 Sony exclusive.

DivineAssault 445d ago (Edited 445d ago )

Hopefully its coming along well.. Sometimes when you dont hear/see any progress, it makes you question if its still something theyre going to release..