Game Boyz: SingStar Pop Vol.2 Review

Game Boyz writes: "I don't know what it is but every time our Editor-in-Chief hands me another SingStar game, I get a little excited even though I am a horrible singer. There is just something about throwing a SingStar disk into the Playstation console, setting up the microphones and busting out some lyrics which really get's me energized. Usually my wife and daughter join me as we scroll through the set list and randomly pick songs to sing. It's always an enjoyable experience and Sony's new edition to the SingStar franchise is no different. SingStar Pop Vol. 2 is the latest arrival to the franchise and it once again delivers. That being said, the same issues which plague some of the other SingStar games for the PS2 are back and I am really starting to question the direction the franchise is headed."

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