Second Metal Gear Online Expansion Coming

Following up the Gene Expansion released last July, Konami announced today that a second expansion for Metal Gear Online, the 16-player tactical war game launched alongside Metal Gear Solid 4 earlier this summer. The so-called "Meme Expansion" doesn't have a PlayStation Netowrk release date yet, but it'll be fully playable at next week's Tokyo Game Show event, so we'll probably see it sooner than later.

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Winter47th3493d ago

If it's on PSN, I'll buy it, if it's MGO Shop exclusive, I'll pass, don't have a say in the matter in the first place since you 'people' won't accept my Visa in the first place.

Sad thing is you're actually destroying more than you're building with dividing the community like that.

ELite_Ghost3493d ago

i'll buy it if it's free! xD

PirateThom3493d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Konami are bringing both MGS4 and MGO to TGS.

MGS4 - trophies and that thing Kojima hinted at for December that would change the game?
MGO - Meme expansion and moved to PSN.

Pennywise3492d ago

Now thats what I am talking about! I hope it is true.

Pennywise3492d ago

Konami better do something... between last expansion screw ups and extreme price - AND the deal with not using PSN logins, SOCOM is about to bury this game.

pwnsause3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

i will play it if they move everything to the PSN. Kojima Knows that this is a problem. MGS4 and MGO needs a full revamping. on MGS4, the game needs trophies and Home support. on MGO it also needs trophies and Move the servers to the PSN and remove that Konami ID crap. I want this classic to be even better

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