New LBP forum opens - win a beta key

Little Big Madness is celebrating the opening of it's new forum by giving away one LBP beta key. All you have to do is post in the contest thread and wait until Friday with your fingers crossed.

The forum has three main areas: Play, Create and Share. You can chat, brainstorm with other gamers and share your levels with the community.

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StalkingSilence3702d ago

It's not allowed to re-give the beta codes out, according to Media Molecule. So they probably won't look favorably on your site.

Also, if you're going to "re-gift" things from somewhere else, you probably should do more than one.

All that being said, can I have that one code?

Agente473702d ago

So if I got 2 keys from 2 random contests and I only need one for myself, it's not okay to give the other one to someone who has none?

Well, if that's MM position, they suck.

I would do more than one, if I had more than one.

therealwillie3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

your missing the point, you shouldn't have 2 in the first place. either way if you did get 2 by accident you shouldn't be giving the other one away for your benefit, getting hits on your site. you could for instance, give it to a friend, a cousin that has a ps3 aswell, I'm sure their is someone you know.If you want your site to be successful this is not the way to go about it

cwir3702d ago

Are my eyes malfunctioning or this site has only ONE code to give away???? And you have to post something on the forum to participate?



This news was surely submitted by someone from that site. HOW DID IT GET APPROVED?

Raoh3702d ago

its not shocking

it was reported yesterday that people were paying up to $90 for a beta code for LBP on EBAY and Craigslist

Ministro763702d ago

It's possible that Sony makes LBP Beta in an open demo!!!