Hackers Find Aliens in Grand Theft Auto 5

After many years of fans digging through code and searching every single inch of Grand Theft Auto 5, one group has finally found the elusive green extra terrestrials. Staying true to the nature of the series, this discovery involves some malicious deeds.

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Shadyceaser447d ago

The amount of game hours this has on it and know one found them till now ... Wow

generic-user-name447d ago

Probably because they were only recently added with the gunrunning dlc.

Gigamax447d ago

We thought it was crazy they waited this long. Who knows though, there might be something big on the horizon!

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smolinsk447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

A little weird that Rockstar made it impossible to get to that mission and unlock it. Were is the fun in something impossible.

Gigamax447d ago

We thought it was strange as well!

Enigma_2099447d ago

Found while looking for more "Hot Coffee."

Gigamax447d ago

It's the effort that counts! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the article!

D3TH_D33LR447d ago

Ya this is a place where humor goes to die.

Gigamax446d ago

I don't know.. your comment was pretty funny. Thank you so much for taking the time to check the article out and comment!

Scatpants447d ago

Hacking the game is the lamest way to solve the mystery.

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