World of Warcraft Machinima: Trollbane 2 Trailer

A stunning new trailer for the highly anticipated WoW machinima Trollbane 2 has been released by producer DTB. If you enjoyed his past work, such as the first Trollbane, and the incredible Assassine, make sure you check out the trailer now.

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kalos3398d ago

Anything involving trolls is automatically cool until otherwise disproved. I look forward to this troll infested release.

Maticus3398d ago

If you haven't seen the first one, you should definitely check it out.

Leord3398d ago

This trailer is SO much cooler if you have seen Trollbane, the original. I think that DTB has made an awesome work on this short trailer, so another reason to look forward to 2009. Well, I look forward to SC2 more than anything in 2009, but that's a quite different league ;)

thetamer3398d ago

I love trolls, especially those crazy ones that live under the bridge. Billy once told me that he got stopped by one and tried to pass his brother off as payment.

AndyA3398d ago

Amazing trailer, very well made.

Maticus3398d ago

This guys makes seriously good movies. There's a lot of rubbish in the machinima industry, and DTB is relatively new, but he knows his stuff.

Leord3397d ago

You are so right. Lots and lots of really bad stuff. Blizzard have hired good machinimaists in the past, and they are on this level of quality.

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