ZTGD Review: Active Life: Outdoor Challenge

ZTGD: With the recent uproar about mixing fitness with gaming Namco Bandai has done an admirable job of making their mark on the genre. With a helping of these titles scheduled for release this series could quickly become very popular among the casual crowd. The games are fun, diverse and work surprisingly well in conjunction with the mat and Wii remote. The difficulty on higher levels could be a deterrent, but if you are looking for a game to get your kids off of the couch this is easily recommendable and tons of fun at parties. Active Life: Outdoor Challenge is a great stepping stone for the series and we look forward to seeing what inventive games will be available in the inevitable sequel.

+ Great Mii support
+ Mini-games all feel diverse
+ Gets you off the couch

- Harder difficulties deter the fun
- Sloppy presentation

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