Japan Studio Starting Up Several New Titles; Yoshida Wants To Keep Equal Effort on New IPs & Sequels

Sony's Japan Studio is starting development for several new titles. There's a good chance some will be new IPs rather than just sequels, too.

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Aurenar502d ago

That's what is great about Sony titles, while Microsoft only forces developers to churn out sequel after sequel

KaiPow502d ago

Diversity is a great thing!

JaguarEvolved502d ago

I can't wait to buy a ps4 pro. Probably when gran turismo sport is released or sooner. I really like how Sony constantly releases exclusive titles

InKnight7s502d ago

They have 3 main ips and 2 of these titles had spin off.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen502d ago

Keep those games coming Sony. Just keep'em coming!

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Godmars290501d ago

Don't forget online, multiplayer shooters and whatnot.

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Imp0ssibl3502d ago

I hope they're already doing set for a third Gravity Rush. Love that series

tyasia0502d ago

Me too Kat is super adorable!

DarXyde502d ago

Word. Second favorite game this generation. I love Kat. She's such a rascal.

ccgr502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

We new some great new IPs , looking forward to what they have to offer

XiNatsuDragnel502d ago

That's great Sony. Sony does what Microsoft doesn't

EddieNX 502d ago

I f theyre startin them now, they'l be ready just in time for launch of PS6

Silly gameAr502d ago

Something wrong with thinking about the future as well as the present?

showtimefolks502d ago


To center aim console fanbase future doesn't mean much considering there may not even be a console because all their games could be had on pc

Goldby502d ago


Japan studio is a Sony 1st party studio.

You have a better chance of getting a peanut butter and jam sandwich included on a flight to Mars than Japan studio making a PC game

saint_seya502d ago

It's good you are concerned with the time of development, now when are those games showed by nintendo on E3 without even a trailer, on time for the Nintendo WiiNextNextU?

And if we talk about time, how long takes betwen games releases on the Nintendo Switch? It's good you are concerned about Nintendo Eddie, we started to thing that you were an annoying Fanboy.

Eonjay502d ago

Read the article. Japan Studio has put out so much good content so far.

MrSec84502d ago

More like PS5 launch, assuming it releases in Fall 2019, but there has been a long running rumor about a massive new IP, an action RPG, with a style reminiscent of Final Fantasy only more targeted towards a global audience.
It's possible a 3rd Gravity Rush game could be release ready in 2 and a bit years if the game was given a larger pool of resources, so that could launch in 2019.

Japan Studio tends to have far quicker turn around times than many of the counterparts, stuff like The Last Guardian taking so long is certainly not the rule, it's the exception.

tyasia0502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Oh you...

They have games in the works as we speak like Knack 2 and Everybody Golf.

At least they're pumping out games unlike that other big company that basically didn't start any new development for the last three years and is only now after major backlash (supposedly) starting new games. Though with all the times they have said they have games in the past only to keep showing the same games over and over who can even be certain anything they say is for real at this point.

Pancit_Canton502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Maybe you should be more worried about Nintendo rather than Sony. You know that the third party drought are coming and Nintendo first party line up isn't that great either after Mario odyssey.

MrSec84502d ago

Well after Mario there will be Xenoblade 2, Yoshi, Kirby, probably a new Smash or a deluxe version of the Wii U game, with extra content, plus the first mainline console version of Pokemon, Fire Emblem and Metroid Prime 4.

That's a lot to be excited for, coming to the platform.
1st Party isn't something that people need to worry about with Nintendo or Switch, 3rd Party multiplats from Western Publishers sure those seem to be pretty light atm, maybe that's going to remain an issue, but there appears to be a good volume of content coming to the system.
2017 is great and 2018 looks great too.


Like all those AAA games for xbox that phil and greenberg keep saying they exist but didnt dare to announce at e3?

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