Call of Duty: WWII Will Never Come to Nintendo Switch, Sledgehammer Confirms

Sledgehammer Games confirmed that Call of Duty: WWII is never heading to Nintendo Switch

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masterfox261d ago

lol whats next Switch owners asking for a Battlefield game or GTA ?, funny indeed. :D

Neonridr261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

their loss really. But at the end of the day I will play it on my PS4 if I really want to. That being said, this article is a little misleading. I mean the question was basically referring to at this point in time, not forever.

Eonjay260d ago

Or, they were already well on their way with designing it and they had no time to contemplate bringing it over in the first place. Or maybe they want to see a successful sale numbers before designating resources for a Switch port.

_-EDMIX-_260d ago

"their loss really"


Ummmm oooook, they move like 25 million almost every single year....WITHOUT the help of Nintendo platforms, how is it "their loss"?

You can't be in this much denial. Are you still pretending this isn't an issue?

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Summons75260d ago

It was only the COD fans who wouldn't have bought it on the Switch to begin with that were raising the question. COD fans already know what system they are buying the next 50 games when they release, nothing is going to change that.

F4ctory_Reset260d ago

So you're saying no Switch owner actually wants the game to release on their system? You're saying people are better of for not getting this game released on the Switch?

Nintendew260d ago

I have a X1, PS4 and Switch.
Out of those 3 I would of gotten it for switch.

objdadon260d ago

I would've gotten it for ps4 and the switch because of the portability thank you very much.

Nu260d ago

Those douche bags at Activison

boomtube1987260d ago

A modern console that doesnt have the big three. CoD, GTA & Fifa ia a dead one. This isnt the 80's & 90's. U can't live off entirely on exclsuives and certainty not on platform games.

F4ctory_Reset260d ago


He said "doesn't have the big three. CoD, GTA & Fifa", not "doesn't have ONE of the big three. Cod, GTA or Fifa". But you only read what you wanna read ofcourse.

boomtube1987260d ago

@Neonridr @F4ctory_Reset yes it does have Fifa but for how long. Wii U had Fifa and CoD for a year or two. Those big three fanchises i named are essential Console games that Nintendo lacked which was downfall of Wii U. A console needs the casuals and the popular games all gamers can play.

Two years time. After all the Nintendo fans have brought the Switch. It will be dead as the Wii U was. I was right about Nintendo Wii U and i will be right about Switch. U can highlight this and come back to me in couple of years when most third party have left Nintendo.

NotoriousWhiz260d ago

I will gladly play GTA V all over again on a portable.

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awdevoftw260d ago

It doesn't need it. It has splatoon 1.5.

Kun_ADR260d ago

Haha...what an original comment. Let see how this "1.5" version plays on July 21st.

armchairDev260d ago

Yep. Let's ask all the 7 year-olds what they think about splatoon 1.5 on july 21st. Lmao.

EddieNX 260d ago

Funny how its actually Kids who play CoD and the older Nintendo croud who play Splatoon. CoD Is mainstream garbage for millenials FACT.


COD WWII Deluxe lol!!! This is FUBAR but I couldn't imagine playing a fps w/o a Wii Remote Nunchuk set up.

Knushwood Butt260d ago

I overheard some Nintendo fans at my office talking about Splatoon 2.

One said, 'Yeah, because it's a completely new game!'.

Never ceases to amaze me how brainwashed these people are.

TekoIie260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

Well yeah it is a new game. At the initial reveal the concern about it not containing enough content to justify the 2 in the title were justified. Anyone pushing that narrative now is being deliberately ignorant or trolling.

prankster101260d ago

Nintendo fans are absolute idiots. No wonder their favourite company has been an absolute joke for nigh on a decade.

Neonridr260d ago

well it's a sequel. Just like any other shooter game that has a sequel is new to the previous one. I don't get the remark really. I mean what needed to change with the formula? It has new weapons, new maps, a single player mode.. sounds like a new game to me.

LOL_WUT260d ago

The sales will say otherwise ;)

Neonridr260d ago

@LOL_WUT - I am sure Splatoon 2 will move many millions of units, so I don't think Nintendo is worried at all.

Big_Game_Hunters260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

Im sure COD would outsell Splatoon 2 on the switch like it did on the wiiu. wait, no it didn't.

Blueraven316260d ago

Little kids shooting paint at monsters. Kidtendo will always be for little kids and their hardcore fan base that cannot grow up.

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FallenAngel1984260d ago

How many times will this be reiterated

Dre180260d ago

The article or call of duty? i really wish the franchise itself would just go away. never played a single one, and never intend on doing so. It's funny reading some of the comments. bashing Splatoon, bc it has a cartoon look to it. I don't play either, yet the gameplay in splatoon is at least original. If i had to choose one, i'd take spatoon over a, stale, unoriginal FPS. why people buy this game over and over again is perplexing.

4Sh0w260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

lol, according to your own words you never played a COD game yet you bash a game you have nevet even tried....worst you're so selfish you dont even want the 10's of millions who enjoy it to be able to play it. I got nothing against Splatoon, it's just not my thing but at least I don't get upset because others like it.

You're worst than a fanboy, you're not even a gamer, you're a spoiled bratt.

prankster101260d ago (Edited 260d ago )


He's an ignorant spoiled brat! Because Splatoon isn't even that original.

BlacKJesu5260d ago

Even if you dislike have you never played one? You wack for lying or heavily biased

Neonridr260d ago

@4Sh0w - so do you put down the Switch or Splatoon then? Do you own one or have played the game to be able to make a valid judgement on it? I mean if we are calling a spade a spade..

4Sh0w260d ago


-Uhmm, I didn't put down the Switch or Splatoon and I'm NOT the one saying they shouldn't exist just because I don't like them. So, no I'm nothing like your buddy Dre180. Your reading comprehension skills are seriously lacking.

Dre180260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

Because I've never played one start to finish doesn't mean I haven't seen it. I'll refrain from calling you names as you seemed so keen on doing to me. I have plenty of friends of have played the game a ton. I've seen enough of it to know I don't like it, and simply have zero interest in call of duty. I also don't want to "deny" people the opportunity to play it, but yes I wish it would go away in light of a new, fresh series. Thirdly, not only am I not a fanboy (I own every system, which I bought with my own hard earned cash FYI) I am pretty damn far from spoiled.

So I'd be careful in what you choose to say to people. You displayed the ultimate sign of immaturity. I was simply expressing an opinion, which you got sensitive about BC I hurt your feelings and your favorite game. You have my sincerest of apologies...

franwex260d ago

Wished the franchise was to go away, yet never played it.

Here's a thought. Why don't YOU go away. Take care of your family and responsibilities instead of trolling the internet. Jackass.

4Sh0w259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

"I also don't want to "deny" people the opportunity to play it, but yes I wish it would go away in light of a new, fresh series."

-Uhm, so which is it? lol, kid theres so so much double talk your comments you sound like a videogame politician. I mean you admit your friends played a ton, so you know that given the sells other people must be playing a ton too, yet instead of ignoring it because you don't play it, you want it to go away= Yep sounds like a selfish, spoiled bratt to me.

Plus your comment about a new fresh series makes NO sense because there are new games out every year, and COD isn't preventing Activision or any other publisher from making "fresh" experiences, so it's not a either or choice, COD can and does exist along with new games.

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Dre180259d ago

Intelligent comeback. Your wit and cleverness amazes me. Stating an opinion on a game i think is terrible is not trolling. learn the meaning of the word. don't worry about me. i will never post on these forums again. i have more important things to worry about in my life than call of duty. Maybe one day you'll get out of your mothers basement, get a girlfriend and enjoy life. there's more to it than videogames...

TheOtherVitaOwner260d ago

Grade A reporting guys, seriously. The way you spent a few paragraphs talking about a tweet? Forget about it, this is some next level New York Times shit

Maybay260d ago

Who's the publisher again? It's Activision who has the final say (though this year's version of COD for the Switch looks less than likely).