MoDojo - Line Rider 2: Unbound Review

Chris Buffa writes: "Line Rider 2: Unbound is the sequel to a free online game, except publisher Genius Products expects us to pay $29.99 for it. Although $20 seems about right, there's no denying this game's addictive pull. Solving difficult puzzles after an hour of fumbling makes us happy, as well as the ability to upload and download created puzzles via the DS' Wi-Fi Connection. Annoying trial and error, combined with some strange design decisions, spoils some of the fun, but Line Rider 2 is still a worthwhile pick-up.

Instead of changing the formula, developer inXile entertainment went with Line Rider's basic foundation, which is to draw lines and watch a cute dude named Bosh ride them with his sled, the goal to keep him from falling into an abyss. It's all physics based, so Bosh's sled will zip around, crash into walls and slide up hills, so long as the tracks make sense. Depending on how talented and patient you are, you can create elaborate tracks with loops, ramps and drawings in the background. A simple YouTube search will give you an excellent look at some of the community's elegant designs."

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