The Top 10 Games of 2017 So Far...

COGconnected - The first half of the year has been incredible so trying to pick out our top 10 games of 2017 so far has been no easy task!

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Obelisk92381d ago

To me, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is WAY overrated. It's a kinda fun party game that manages to enjoy you for two days and then starts gathering dust. Or at least, it was that for me.

My personal top 5 is:

1) Persona 5
2) Horizon: Zero Dawn
3) Zelda: BotW
4) Resident Evil 7
5) Nier Automata

I still have to play Nioh and Yakuza 0 though.

Digital_Anomaly381d ago

That's a pretty solid list, to be fair! Honestly, early 2017 has been so crazy that you could probably do a top 20 and not run out of really great experiences to play!

Obelisk92381d ago

I totally agree, it has been a terrific start of the year for all gamers.

Can't wait for holiday season to see how it's gonna end!

rivaldoo777381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

My personal top 7
1. Persona 5
3. Gravity rush 2
4. Nioh
5. Nier
6. Horizon Zero dawn
7. BH7
Probably at the end of the day it will be between P5 or Zelda or Uncharted TLL

Horizon was boring for me.

Obelisk92381d ago

Oh right I totally forgot about gravity rush 2.

Never played it, but the demo looked great. Gotta grab it ASAP.

rivaldoo777381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

Yeah it's awsome mate. Do try it out. But the control at some point might be clunky but the story was a damn near masterpiece.

RommyReigns381d ago

I would be very surprised if an Xbox One game made the list (and multiplats don't count, as for now they're superior on PlayStation until later this year)

Obelisk92381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

Well Microsoft didn't have a good start ad Sony did, that's for sure, but hopefully Xbox will get some good exclusive in the next months such as Cuphead and Crackdown.

Unfortunately I don't own an Xbox but I'm planning to play Cuphead on pc since it looks beautiful.

Ray J380d ago

Without any argument Horzon Zero Dawn is my GOTY so far! Freaking looove this game. :)
Honorable mentions

2. Niho
3. Persona 5
4. Injustice 2
5. Resident Evil

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