Updated CPU Charts 2008: AMD Versus Intel

Tom's Hardware: "The new CPU charts for 2008 from Tom's Hardware have, at long last, arrived. There are 18 entries from AMD and 36 processors from Intel, which were put to the test using a fresh gauntlet of benchmarks. For more meaningful comparisons and the most consistent benchmark results, our testing platforms were fully re-equipped. Tthe graphics card used was a powerful MSI N280GTX-T2D1G-OC based on the Nvidia GeForce GTX 280.

Each platform is fitted with a 4 GB of main memory and is operated using Windows Vista Enterprise. The AMD system uses DDR2-1066 memory, while the Intel machine employs DDR3-1333 memory. An X-Fi Xtreme Gamer sound card from Creative takes the pressure off the processor when it comes to audio calculations and ensures reproducible results. In addition, the workloads of the benchmarks are processed on a RAM disk in order to ensure that the hard drive does not slow up the fast quad-core processors.

We test using 31 benchmarks representing office, video, audio and gaming markets. We also added six Linux benchmarks, which are also executed using a RAM disk. The Linux benchmark suite covers kernel compilation, PHP, packing of files using Gzip, SciMark, OpenSSL encryption, and compilation of Mplayer software using the GCC compiler."

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Altis13697d ago

Intel is the performance king.

karlostomy3697d ago

My athlon xp 2400+ on a7n8x with 4200ti agp beats all of those!

DevastationEve3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

I used to have almost those exact specs in a previous build, circa 2004.

Asus a7n8x-vm "nForce 2 Ultra 400" DDR 400/AGP 8x mini ATX
AMD Athlon xp 2000+ 1.6ghz
ATI Radeon x1600 512MB AGP (purchased in 2006 as final upgrade)
1GB (2x Corsair 512 DDR 400 PC-3200)

Brings back memories of a different time...

DeadlyFire3697d ago

AMD might do well in the next round, but the last few rounds go with Intel clearly.

shine13963697d ago

most likely to be the one after that...