Sony Unbans Users That Were Banned Erroneously After Massive Chargeback By Paypal

If you were banned recently by Sony from PSN, you might just get your account back again.

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SpaceRanger531d ago

*Oh PayPal...

Fixed it for you so that it doesn't sound like you're trolling again.

gangsta_red531d ago

Sure about that? Because with the info in the actual article and Sony not making any official statement it sure does seem that blame can be placed on Sony.

***[UPDATE 2] Going on from the case of the customer who phoned PayPal regarding the issue. His payment that was returned was sat in Pending until today, He has since confirmed that the funds were released by his bank to Paypal. This could back up the idea that the error is Sony's.

[UPDATE 1] A customer's phonecall to PayPal suggests the blame lies with Sony. The call stated 'This error is on Sonys end and is to do with them closing or somehow limited their GDP account, meaning that the funds didn't credit the accounts.' Another customer in contact with Sony says the company finds PayPal to be at fault.***

Unless there is an article that I missed it does seem strange that PayPal would have this problem with Sony and not any other gaming service.

darthv72531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

I believe the nature of a 'charge-back' stems from one transferring agency cannot access an account to which the funds are supposed to be transferred to. PP receives the funds from the individuals and transfers it to Sony but in this case something was wrong with that account so the funds went back to PP (not so much the individuals just yet). Sony doesn't receive the $$ for transactions tendered and therefore bans the accounts in question.

At least that is what it sounded like happened. Once Sony gets their account in order, PP can release the funds and all will be happy again.

JackBNimble531d ago

Hey gangsta
It's called life, deal with it. Every day in the real world shit happens that seems unfair, at least Sony is trying to fix the situation.

gangsta_red531d ago


Gee, thanks for the life changing advice. Not sure what it has to do with anything but I'll be sure to get that tatted on my back.

bustabass531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

Gangsta_red I tried to buy something on eBay the other day but couldn't because there was a problem with my PayPal account (I had to delete my card details and start again) The money I paid through PayPal for my ps plus is still pending a whole two weeks I'd payed for it, I'm guessing it's a PayPal problem to be honest with you, that's my honest opinion :)

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2pacalypsenow531d ago

It was Paypal... But nice try

darthv72531d ago

It was Sony... But thank you for playing.

2pacalypsenow531d ago

Dont be mad you got nothing to play...

jlove4life530d ago

@darth 72 it was fixed but nice troll

Silly gameAr531d ago

You guys are really hunting for that negative Sony news to jump on, aren't you, even if they're not the ones at fault.

531d ago
Kiwi66531d ago

So when the evidence hints at Sony you want to ignore that because you believe they never make any mistakes and so its just some big witch hunt, geez talk about being brand loyal

Silly gameAr531d ago (Edited 531d ago )


Not brand loyal, just aware. Trust me, when Sony F's up, I don't ignore that ish.

So, if we were to call Sony customer service what would they say? That the fault lies with Paypal? Why did this only affect some PSN users that use paypal, and not all? I use paypal to buy games from PSN from time to time, and I didn't have any problems. What's that about? If this was Sony's fault, wouldn't all accouts that use paypal be affected?

jaycptza531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

No it was caused by chargebacks from Pay Pal, that SONYs system blocked accounts due to non payment. I work in payment operations for a fintec company.

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531d ago
subtenko531d ago

SO what are you saying they should unban them? :/ Just say what you really wanna say.... no matter how dumb it is.....

RommyReigns530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

Keeping an eye on PayPal to see if they offer a great 'we're sorry' deal over the next week, they usually have 'spend X amount, get £5/£10 PSN credit free' kind of deals available in the UK but there could be a great one incoming.

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Rimeskeem531d ago

PayPal is such a scummy company. I wish there was an alternative to their type of service.

fenome531d ago

I've never used them for anything, I just get PSN Cards or use prepaid cards for PSN.

gangsta_red531d ago

Really? I have used PayPal before and never had a problem. What exactly have they done to be considered scummy... especially in this car where everything seems to have turned out all right?

Prince_TFK531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

Well anyone or anything that make Sony look bad on this site are scummy. According to most N4G-er.

Rimeskeem531d ago

I've had problems with them and returns and so on including extra accounts made that I am positive I didn't make.

Kribwalker531d ago

That's true. If you go to the metro review of crash bandicoot you'll see the first comment was "less then an 8? Now on my review blacklist site"

DigitalRaptor529d ago

@ Kribwalker

One person = "most N4G-er" ?

LOL, you're reaching.

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KwietStorm531d ago

What's wrong with PayPal?

Eidolon531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

PayPal has been amazing for me.. Pretty sure any company is scummy for someone.

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