FY08 First Half Sales of Japan

1 DS - 1,314,919(23,484,680)
2 PSP - 1,583,731(10,157,757)
3 Wii - 1,105,174(6,8007,53)
4 PS3 - 352,457(2,361,949)
5 Xbox 360 - 138,740(741,298)

1 Wii - Mario Kart Wii 1,744,387 (1,744,387)
2 PSP - MHP 2nd G 1,602,386 (2,425,651)
3 DS - Pokemon Platinum 1,481,725 (1,481,725)
4 DS - DQ5 1,152,229 (1,152,229)
5 Wii - Wii Fit 845,238 (2,607,431)

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shadowghost7523395d ago

Wow monster hunter has done well

TheColbertinator3395d ago

I agree.Monster Hunter has made sure the PSP stays on the radar for a long time

fishd3395d ago

Greenberg said(in interview with hiphopgamershow) 360 is 5mil ahead of PS3 in america and as we know in europe they are neck to neck,in japan PS3 is 1.5 mil ahead of 360 so the gap between 360 and PS3 is something like 3.5 mil??????WTF,that's so close

BISHOP-BRASIL3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

I would not be so confident in that Europe neck-to-neck.

Some people clain that, for Europe, PS3 has been outselling 360 since MARCH 2007 in most regions. And was some time a go that I started to see clains in the web that PS3 have passed 360 in hardware over Europe (by the way, if anyone have all the GfK numbers would be helpful).

If it have passed 360 LTD before MGS4 or about the time, the gap can very well be way less than 3.5 million consoles now.

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juuken3395d ago

Wooow, look at the Wii and DS go!
Planning on getting both and the PSP in due time.

dericb113395d ago

Wii and DS are fine right now but truth is Wii won't be getting any AAA for a while and that from Nintendo mouth. The DS is getting a revamp and who knows when is coming stateside. Not hating just pointing this out to you.

Fishy Fingers3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Mad World is out Q1 2009, that game looks bad ass, probably wont rate as his as Mario or something but it's the Wii game I'm most excited about.

For balls out bad ass-ness it out does Gears or Killzone IMO (don't hate on me, I didnt say visually).

Check out the trailer > A good example of style over substance. Sorry there's no HD version ;)

TheColbertinator3395d ago

The Conduit and Tales of Symphonia 2 are on the radar for me on the Wii right now

juuken3395d ago

Yes, those games.
Can't wait for them.
Still trying to figure out how to stretch my budget.
So many games! x-x

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Veryangry_bot3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

Xbots OWNED again.

Hahaha, just look how pathetic xbots are celebrating in the other thread.

And even when I told them PS3 outsold 3rd60 for the whole year in Japan, they still rated me down. Hahaha. Take a look at the numbers above and tell me how 3rd60 is not dead last in Japan.

Bottomline is this. IT SUCKS TO BE AN XBOT, PEOPLE!

mboojigga3395d ago

Why? I don't live in Japan.

krakdol3395d ago

yeah, come on xbots, celebrate, you sold 300 consoles in Mongolia last week. But yearly and in install base, your console is still dead in Japan.

Dream on.

ceedubya93395d ago

The next gen consoles are getting D-stroyed. Nintendo is having all the fun, and PSP is doing its thing too.

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