Littlebigplanet Beta Key Giveaway: Day One

Checkyourhud writes: "Welcome to Day One of the Check Your HUD Littlebigplanet beta key giveaway!! We have only got two beta keys to give away, and we're handing out one today, and one tomorrow. Because they're in short supply here at CYH Central, we're gonna make you work for it. First, the rules. This giveaway will end at 7:30 PM EST. The winner will get their code later tonight. Alright, now for the actual contest itself: name five games we've mentioned on this site in the past two weeks."

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jromao3699d ago

I swap it for one valid code for HOME beta.

PS. Please don't PM me unless you own one Home Beta code. Thanks.


Appel923699d ago

Little Big Planet
Killzone 2
Fallout 3
Quantum of Solace
Far Cry 2

whatthegeek3699d ago

you actually have to go to the site, and pick five games they've talked about in the past two weeks, and email them the answer. The N4G excerpt doesn't make that very clear.