AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition performs between GTX1070 & GTX1080 in a variety of games

PCPer got its hands on an AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition and ran some gaming benchmarks on it, and the results were a bit underwhelming. Now as we’ve already said, this graphics card is for workstations and even though AMD has included a gaming mode in its latest drivers for this graphics card, it is slower than the gaming variant that will be coming out in late July.

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It's not a gaming GPU it's a workstation GPU so all-in-all for that type of gaming power is pretty impressive

MegamanXXX292d ago

What's the price for the workstation GPU like around $1000 lol


They're not cheap but they're not gaming GPUs there meant for work. But yeah they're stupidly priced

Anomander292d ago

Yes, but still considerably cheaper than the Nividia Workstation cards.

ABizzel1292d ago

This is the workstation card, and the actual gaming card is supposed to have better performance.

Worst case scenario we're looking at Vega performance landing around the GTX 1080, which would be a tad underwhelming, considering we already have the GTX 1080 ti offering more power and the 1180 and 1180 ti will be more powerful and possibly the 1170.

But putting a positive spin on it, if AMD continues to put value first, we may be looking at GTX 1080 performance in the $350 - $399 price range, which is amazing.

Takwin292d ago

The software on these workstations can cost 10k-20k. Yes, that is TENS of thousands. Blowing a grand or two on one or two of these is nothing.

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OmnislashVer36292d ago

Finally some Vega. Took Em' long enough.

Hopefully the gaming variant has a great price/perf ratio.

Takwin292d ago

Even if it improves 25% and is prices substantially less, at around $400-$500, it will still just be an ok value. I was waiting for Vega forever, but built my PC a month ago with a 1080ti. Couldn't be happier, especially now that I see these reviews.

OmnislashVer36291d ago

Yeah. I'm hoping AMD doesn't have more delays like this. I want to upgrade in 2019 to Ryzen+/Navi, but not if they keep doing delays like this. I'd also like PS5 in 2019-2020, but again, with delays we might not see it until 2021.