de Blob Review: No Boy Included This Time (TrueGameHeadz)

2.0 from TrueGameHeadz writes:

"Revolution has always been a great theme for video games. Why wouldn't it be? Good versus evil; the oppressed rising up against the oppressor; underdogs overthrowing the controlling regime. Who would have thought that idea would have translated so well to a game staring a blob? Not just any blob though, it's "de Blob," from THQ's new Wii title about a ball of liquid committed to bringing color back to a monochrome world. While the plot may sound a bit out there, the game play, and shear entertainment factor make it easily one of the best Wii titles to date.

Imagine how bland a black and white world would be. Now, imagine if there was a group that sucked all the color out of the world, and made everything that was fun dull and boring. That's where de Blob comes in. It's on a mission to take down the Inkt Corporation who have turned its' world into a monochrome hell, and imprisoned all of the world's inhabitants, the Raydians, and turned them..."

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jsoncip383729d ago

The game looks a littler weird ... but also like a lot of fun. Anything described as a reverse katamari sounds good to me.

bitboi3729d ago

Im def’ having fun with this game! and another cool aspect of it is it’s use of music. as you start painting buildings and objects the music builds up adding different layers of instruments and beats. Plus when you change the color of de blob, it also acts as a different sound selection for the music. For instance if there’s a jazzy rhythm going on and you turn to the color brown, what ever you paint you add a turntable scratch sample to the music that’s playing. it’s sorta hard to explain and def’ something you have to hear to appreciate. it def’ takes the soundtrack in a videogame to whole other level! This game is def worth the purchase.

chanmasta3729d ago

... I just ordered it from for ONLY £18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Buy it NOW if you're in UK, if not you could use a Freeloader or whatever to play it... :D