LBP codes from GameTrailers and G4

PS3Fanboy writes:

"We know many of you are looking for LittleBigPlanet beta codes, which can be a frustrating process at times, but do keep in mind the game comes out October 21st, less than a month away. Pretty soon, we'll all get to experience LBP for ourselves. With that said, two more sites have revealed how you can get your hands on these highly-desired codes."

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MIAMIFROST3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

The X-Play LBP special last night was pretty cool. There are no limits to what you can create in this game. It's absolutely going to revolutionize the gaming world. Watch out Wii, Sony is coming for your FAMILY gamers !! ...Anyways I watched the special to get the beta codes figuring they would give out to the first 2000 people that log on, but no, its was just a web site where you can enter a "CHANCE" to win the beta codes (LAME). Oh , well I hope I win. If not I guess I can wait 2 more weeks, we've already waited this long and plus now the rumors of OPEN BETA Demo coming soon should help the ease the anticipation.

Appel923698d ago

Where do u mean that its Keys left?

Could u please send me Link to page on Private Message, if u know where they have keys left?

Thanks :)

cwir3698d ago

To subscribe to GameTrailers newsletter you have go to your CPanel -> My Account -> Preferences and then on the bottom select Yes under receive newsletter.

primordialmeme3697d ago

I just signed up for the newsletter. Will it be emailed or what?

N4M3L3553697d ago

Why does G4 need my street address and telephone number? They should only require a name and e-mail address.

comm133697d ago

so they can sell your info for marketing reasons to a third party :)

Nintendo Rep3697d ago

Thanks to Mario, this game was conceived.


steck673697d ago

I just hope I get in. I tried XPlay and ill probably wont get in because it wasnt a frist come first serve thing(I entered like a minute before they said anything on TV). And for Gametrailers, I can only pray.

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