The Insider - PS4 Cross Play Woes

The second episode of The Insider takes a look at Sony's rather anti-consumer choice to not support cross-play.

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rlow1531d ago

I agree its not good and why they are doing it is beyond me.

NewMonday531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

1- why would Sony give up their player data to their competitor? if MS want it so much they should let Sony control the servers, but Microsoft will not.

2- games on PlayStation sell more than Xbox/Switch/PC combined, so the so for players PSN is still the best place.

3- it's kind of funny the people who demand this are mostly XBone fans, just get a PS4 guys, it's not Sony's job to save Xbox(since MS obviously can't).

Gocatters1702531d ago

As the guy who's actually in the video I do understand your points, but I can't say that I agree with SOME of them. Sales don't make a console the best place to be, just the most popular place to be. As for your third point, I consider myself amongst the hardest of hardcore PS fans, I do have all three consoles and a PC, but I still consider the decision to be foolish

531d ago
NewMonday531d ago (Edited 531d ago )


did say "mostly", just look at those who constantly comment about it.

SF5 has crossplay with PC, Sony will allow it as long as PSN player data doesn't go to competitors, just will not happen, the large player base is a big advantage like exclusives.

the_massive531d ago

Do you really think this is something only Xbox players are clamoring for more so than mobile/tablet/pc players?

Do you think this decision is about making sony lose customers or something? (hint: this is about making more money from their investment (like, umm, 2.5Billion or something?)

GTgamer531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

Exactlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I don't get why people are so dense on this subject the Company with the larger player base has literally nothing to gain in Cross Play. just look at injustise 2 400k on PS4 100k on xone no wonder MS wants to do CrossPlay.

JackBNimble531d ago

Sony did approach MS last gen about this very issue but at that time MS were the ones to turn Sony down. MS also had a much greater market share, but things are different now and MS are trying to make themselves look like they are for the gamer.

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Aceman18531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

I'm not losing any sleep over this as i have plenty of games to catch up on lol. I'll let the constant b*tchy ppl whine about this "so called travesty of humanity" for gaming.

Like i said in another article if M$ would let Sony users log into an independent server which connects to theirs without using PS data im sure Sony would agree, but since they are market leaders, and were rejected by M$ last gen i say turnabout is fair play.

We all damn well know if M$ was doing better this gen they wouldn't be so damn eager to jump on this crossplay crap. Shit they still wont let their gamers have a chance to play FF14 because they wouldn't allow crossplay and wanted xbox only servers.

They are bigger dicks than Sony will ever be lol.

segamaniaco530d ago

Because Xbox is dead
Why crossplay with a dead platform?

freshslicepizza531d ago

Sony - "we need to protect our users."
Common sense - how do they protect Playstation users when they allow PC crossplay?
Reality - Nintendo is all for it, a company who protects its users more than anyone.

Sony - said prior "we are always open for discussion."
Common sense - deflection when it comes to console crossplay.
Reality - Jim Ryan now says "To my knowledge there is no live conversation ongoing at the moment."

The good news is more people are talking about it, I bet Sony caves in eventually.

rlow1531d ago

Agree, The more they ignore it and the more titles that support it, the harder it will be for them to maintain their stance. What gets me is why would Sony Fanboys defend their position in the first place? The only people they're hurting are themselves by excluding themselves. I guess that Forrest Gump quote applies, "Stupid is, is what stupid does".

ILostMyMind531d ago

Eventually Sony will. PS5 is almost here, in 2020.

danoman64531d ago

Funny how Xbox fanboys want to play with PS4 gamers now. Sony has been doing cross play long before MS and even till this day Sony has far more cross play games than MS, but Xbox fanboys will ignore that fact. There is so much outrage about this, especially from Xbox fanboys, yet i don't see any outrage for MS not having cross play for FF14. Sony has cross play for Rocket League (PC & PS4), Street Fighter 5 (PC & PS4), Dragon Quest X (Nintendo & PS4, not too sure on this one), Final Fantasy XIV (PC, PS3), WarThunder (PC & PS4), DCuniverse (PC & PS4), Paragon (PC & PS4), Gwent (PC & PS4) and more. But hey who gives a fuck about those games right? Xbox fanboys want Mindcraft. Also, funny how Xbox fanboys always leave out the fact that MS wants PSN users to sign in using Xbox live. Reality is hard, and the more people learn what MS is asking Sony to do? Well things should be very interesting

freshslicepizza531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

1. MS has been doing crossplay for 10 years since Shadowrun!

2. You do not have to create or sign into Live to play games like Rocket League, nor are those games run on MS servers. Minecraft is the exception since it's a 1st party title. Just like you guys signing into EA when playing EA games.

3. Microsoft is not the only one driving home the narritive to have crossplay, developers like the makers of Rocket League are asking. Sony is the only party blocking it.

4. Nintendo is onboard as well, Sony is the only party not willing to do console crossplay.

So enough of the Xbox fans and Xbox this and that. You guys are simply embarssing yourselves because you keep viewing the Xbox as your arch nemesis.


JackBNimble531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

Dont forget Star trek Bridge crew is also cross play ps4/pc

Why do you care so much anyway? You hate Sony and the fanboys so why does this matter to you?... Unless this is a Moldy / MS smear campaign

I think I am onto something

GNCFLYER531d ago

MS just wants this so they can add 60 million to the Monthly Active Users statement..

segamaniaco530d ago

Sony is doing crossplay since ps2

DigitalRaptor529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

@ Moldybread


Layers of hypocrisy, built upon even deeper layers of hypocrisy.

You've completely ignored EVERY SINGLE ONE of my multiple replies to you on these PS4 cross-play arguments exposing your absolute unwavering and continued hypocrisy where you only care for a lack of cross-play when Sony is in question. You have never, ever, ever brought up Microsoft's lack of cross-play for those who bought the game on Windows 10 and those who bought the game on Steam, and that is on PC - the platform that you actually game on and claim to prefer.

You are the one and only embarrassment here.

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JackBNimble531d ago

At this point Nintendo or MS have nothing to lose.
And Sony fans don't care enough to push this anyway so I really doubt that Sony caves.

segamaniaco530d ago

They wont because sony fans agree with their decision on this subject
So no pressure

Realms531d ago


It's business get it through your thick head they are not going to do it. Answer me this one question why did MS say no to cross play last gen? It's painfully obvious why MS and Nintendo want cross play because it benefits them that's why they want it not because they care about gamers. Bottomline is that the only ones upset over this are xbox fanboys because everyone else doesn't seem to care. You can call it anti consumer but PS fans aren't the one's complaining so who is it hurting? MS gamers? Nintendo gamers? If so why should Sony care if these fanbases are upset if they are not even a part of their eco system.

segamaniaco530d ago

Nintendo wants crossplay because its the only way they can get third party support

segamaniaco530d ago

Why do you want to crossplay with ps4 so badly?

I am asking you, personally

freshslicepizza530d ago (Edited 530d ago )

It is good for everyone, not sure why you guys can't see that. Larger pool of gamers to extend the life of some smaller games could really help. Also look at VR right now, it's such a niche product but we already have games like Star Trek Bridge Crew that looks like a a lot of fun and it allows PSVR, Oculus and Vive crossplay. So why is that not a good thing? If Microsoft and Nintendo get onboard with VR then is Sony going to say we don't want crossplay with those consoles? It's just a stupid signal to put out there when we finally have all parties talking about it. Developers are speaking out more now that they would like to see it happen, Nintendo is talking about it, Microsoft is onboard now, the PC has always been, even mobile. So now with Sony being public they don't want console crossplay it just makes them look like arrogant a holes.

You guys should either ignore the topics if you don't care or be proactive and put pressure on Sony. Arguing against it is doing what exactly? The only way Sony will change is if they are being pressured from gamers and developers.

DigitalRaptor529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

Moldybread is only on here to troll and to further his anti-Sony agenda.

By extension of that, he's exposing his remarkable double standards. He's a self-proclaimed PC gamer and is more concerned with Sony's lacking in cross-play on a console he's never had the intention to own, than the fact that Microsoft is blocking cross-play for people bought their game on Windows 10 want to play with those on Steam who bought the same game. Never once has he brought this up, or asked people to pressure Microsoft to push for cross-play between Windows 10 and Steam. Not once. He has an agenda, and you can see that in how intense he is in these PS4 cross-play articles. He's desperate for a negative slant on that company.

DigitalRaptor529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

You don't actually care to represent the consumer.
You're being disingenuously and hypocritically one-sided to further your anti-Sony agenda.

I'll explain to you how these aren't empty words.
In case anybody was unsure about moldy's true intentions, look no further than this comment.

MS doesn't support cross-play between games bought on Windows 10 store and Steam, and they haven't even bothered to do it in their first-party games that support multiplayer. Third-party games? I've not seen any. Not once has he leveled complaints about that to anyone and is intentionally ignoring this to serve his (pretty obvious by now) agenda. That freedom-loving PC gamer in him should be rallying out and wondering why media representatives are not saying the same thing about that and applying the same thought process to that. Not once has he questioned it, which goes to show just how disingenuous and hypocritical and one-sided this guy really is. Remember, this guy hasn't had the intention of buying a PS4 this generation, but Sony lacking cross-play is more problematic to him than MS lacking in cross-play on the platform he claims to prefer for its greater options of play. That speaks for itself.

If it's not bad enough that he tried to convince people that mods on consoles was this HUGE game-breaking anti-consumer deal and that Sony was the bad guy for not allowing deeper mods, fast-forward 2 years later and there's almost nothing to show for it. Especially not from Microsoft's own first-party.

Has this dude ever once complained about MS's walled garden in the Windows 10 gaming ecosystem that restricts games more than games purchased outside of Windows 10? Nope. He claims to be a pro-consumer freedom-loving PC gamer but never once leveled the same level of concern about anything related to how the UWP was literally Games For Windows Live Part 2 - at the time, like he has with anything to do with Sony or how big a deal he thinks their lack of console cross-play is. I think his intentions speak for themselves at this point.

Just in the case anyone is interested in the degree to which Moldybread is completely ignoring my several comments exposing his agenda, just visit these articles and search for my username, and you'll find what you're looking for:

Now Sony’s Being Silly About Cross-Platform Play:

Sony’s Stance On Cross Platform Play Is Laughable And Archaic:

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Silly gameAr531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

omg. I hope these blogs beating this dead horse actually get somewhere. You people really know how to blow something out of proportion. SO dramatic. And of course deadreckoning666 (moldybread) is going to be one of the first ones to comment.

According to you, you don't own consoles, but have one of the loudest mouths when it comes to consoles, especially if it's something negative. And, the only people that are talking about it are mostly xbox fans, like yourself. Most couldn't care less. But, keep thinking that articles like these is going to have some kind of impact, and don't cry when it doesn't go the way you want it to go.

NewMonday531d ago

this is the only issue Xbox fans can talk about now, MS is not providing them exclusives to hype and the $500 "beast" turns out to be just an expensive checkerboarding machine.

freshslicepizza531d ago

I guess by your reasoning the the PS4 Pro is just a $400 box that plays 1080p PS4 games in 1440p.

arkard531d ago

Ps4 pro wasn't nicknamed a beast and wasn't so vague that people thought it was going to play native 4k games at 60fps. Sony unlike Microsoft wasn't making fun of the competition for using checkerboard rendering just to then turn around and use it themselves. A year later and 100$ more and your getting basically the same thing. And if you don't think the pro doesn't have a price drop about a week before the XoneX comes out, you're wrong.

freshslicepizza531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

"And if you don't think the pro doesn't have a price drop about a week before the XoneX comes out, you're wrong."

So Sony is currently gouging the consumer and wants to make as much profits until then?

arkard531d ago

OMG a business wants to make as much profit as possible? The blasphemy I forgot Microsoft was non profit, can't wait for then to give away XoneX since they are apparently all for the consumer.

GNCFLYER531d ago

Very few truly want this. It is honestly just a smear tactic and everyone knows it.

It's that time of week to beat the dead horse again and regurgitate the latest bash Sony topic.

Realms530d ago


You do know of MS's history outside of the xbox brand right they have been one of the most anti consumer companies around thankfully they failed with the xbox one and what they had planned otherwise the gaming industry would probably look a lot different now.

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MegamanXXX531d ago

It's getting dramatic in here. Let me get my popcorn

DigitalRaptor529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

You know what man.... you're 100% correct as far as moldybread is concerned. Remember those articles that he rode as hard as he could ended up only with him finding out TWO YEARS LATER that Sony fans were right about how little people (devs included) really care for mods on consoles.

He's hoping that the same will happen here so that he can continue trying to drag Sony through the mud rather than acknowledge that Microsoft also blocks cross-play on PC for those who want to play between W10 & Steam versions. You see, you doesn't care for that kind of balanced representation though. Even though he's his supposed PC gamer, he'd rather spend time ragging on Sony and trying to start some kind of hilarious hate wagon about cross-play on a console he will never use, than bring up the same concerns for Microsoft doing the same thing a platform he actually games on.

At this point, I think his hypocrisy and disingenuousness that comes with that is actually the real concern.

Phoenix76531d ago

Well if x play is so dam important, why doesn't MS allow it between games brought through their own store on PC and STEAM users?

DigitalRaptor529d ago (Edited 529d ago )

You got 'em.

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition came to W10 store and XB1 last year both with cross-play. Microsoft has 100% of the control when it comes to first-party but they distinctly chose not to interface Steam players with other players. Why don't you ask moldybread about this, cause the numerous times I have he's ignored me. I think the intent is clear.

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