Is ‘ARMS’ Currently Worth Buying?

Is ARMS worth your hard earned cash? Does it justify a $60.00 price tag? Is it the right purchase for you?

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ApexWolf22296d ago

Based of the footage I've seen of the game, I could see it's novelty wearing out quickly. It's a classic Nintendo tactic, they release a new console and for the first few months we get $60 tech demos...

SegaGamer296d ago

Don't see what is so great about it to be honest. It's like one of those Wii party games that got boring very quickly.

jamstorr86295d ago

I was dubious at first, but after playing it, I was hooked. it is really good. I bought it the day after playing and can't put it down.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory295d ago

With the planned Free Updates of Characters, Stages, Modes and Updates yes.
In July we are getting the first Free Character. Max Brass who is a Boss Character in the game.

Not only that it going to be the only game til Nintendo next system. So we won't see ARMS 2.
It going to be supported just like Splatoon.