July's PS Plus Free PS4 Games Are The Best This Generation

July's PS Plus lineup is one of the strongest ever seen. While some months definitely compete with it, next month takes the cake as far as PS4 games go.

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PhoenixUp267d ago

And the PS3 selection of free games isn't too shabby either

sonarus267d ago

I remember when PS3 got good games every month. Sony needs to sustain this effort.

I_am_Batman266d ago

Personally I prefer having newer indie titles over old AAA games simply because with the old AAA games chances are that I've already bought them or I'm not interessted in them. Got lucky with Until Dawn though.

generic-user-name266d ago

Not until halfway through the PS3's life cycle. Like we are with PS4

yeahright2266d ago

The PS3 selection has got to be running thin by now. time to swap out one of those for a VR game or another PS4 game.

yeahright2266d ago

@generic, yes but the IGC wasn't available all through that first half of PS3's life cycle.

Matrix6266d ago

Completely agree. They may as well loan us AAA and more popular PS3 games, it's not like they're still manafacturing them.

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OB1Biker267d ago

Its awesome but I think Rocket League was still best PS+ offer because the game was brand new.

RuleNumber5267d ago

Totally fair point. That game is soooo fun.

arkard267d ago

Still play that game, basically made ps plus for me that year.

Kribwalker266d ago

That's true. I really liked until dawn, I bought it in the January flash sale for $8, good game

I_am_Batman266d ago

Yeah. I'm still playing it almost on a daily basis.

andrewsquall266d ago

Then the same should be said every month since most of the time there is always a brand new, just released game on PS Plus for PS4. Sadly, indies only suck when the Xbone community flip flops and says so.

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UCForce267d ago

I agree this is a great lineup for PS+ in July.

Injusticewarrior267d ago

Can't wait for until dawn. Gf just picked it up used, but now I won't have to borrow it.

PeaSFor267d ago

At first i hated Mike, but then... Mike was my man!!

Injusticewarrior267d ago

Havnt played it yet, waiting on plus release.
Mike is a character in the game yes?

yeahright2266d ago

Yeah, and Mike's awesome. At least after the crap hits the fan, before that he's a bit of a d-bag.

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trooper_266d ago

@ Crotaa.

What a sad existence you must live.

Marked all comments as inappropriate.

Grow up.

Silly gameAr267d ago

I have the games that are coming to plus already, but that is a great selection.

BrianOBlivion267d ago

It's halfway through the year and I still haven't even started receiving anything to justify the plus subscription.
Seems every time worthwhile games end up on plus... I already own them... without fail.
Well, I guess it's a pretty good problem to have.

blackblades267d ago

Lol justify the plus subscription, the auto cloud saves and ps+ discount justify it and being able to play online. Haven't literally pay much attention to the free games.

letsa_go267d ago

@blackblades, not figuratively pay much attention?

uth11266d ago

I know I'm in the minority, but I preferred when they gave away games people weren't likely to try on their own. Found some real gems that way.

Why do people get excited when the service gives out old games they already own? Seems like fanboyism "yay we beat GWG this month!". Who cares?

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